Swan Thanks The Man Who Saved Her By Wrapping Her Neck Around Him


Richard Wiese carrying the cute swan after saving her.  (image Credits: borntoexploretv

Animals & birds have different ways of showing their gratitude to humans. One such way from this swan is to wrap its neck around the person who saved it.


The beautiful swan wrapping Her Neck around Richard Wiese’s neck (image Credits: borntoexploretv)  


(image Credits: borntoexploretv


(image Credits: borntoexploretv

Richard Wiese, the host of the television program “Born to Explore,” discovered a hurt swan that had collided with a barbed wire fence. Swans aren’t typically known for their tenderness, but when Wiese took her up, she gave her a neck wrap in a gesture of thanks and trust.

In a statement to ABC News, Wiese said, “When I put it close to me, I could feel its heart beating and it just relaxed its neck and wrapped it around me. “It’s a lovely moment when an animal completely trusts you.”

Who Is Richard Wiese ?

World-renowned explorer Richard Wiese is the longest-serving President of The Explorers Club (EC) and Executive Producer and Host of ABC and PBS. ( image Credits: richardwiese )

Weekends with Yankee, a public television program, is hosted by Richard Wiese. As a renowned explorer, Richard adds a keen curiosity and passion for learning to his position as the show’s host and knowledgeable tour guide of New England.

Richard Wiese is the host of the Emmy Award-winning television program Born to Explore with Richard Wiese in addition to Weekends with Yankee. Wiese, the author of “Born to Explore: How to Be a Backyard Adventurer,” was elected as The Explorers Club’s youngest president in 2002.

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