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The Sweetest Symbol Of Hope Is Born From Wild Grandmother Orcas

A young orca has been welcomed into an endangered orca pod off the coast of British Columbia. A 38-year-old orca named Princess Angeline was spotted swimming with her baby on Saturday. J53 is J pod’s third calf to be born thus far this year. According to a statement from Executive Director Michael Harris, the huge age range of female orcas giving birth is remarkable.

Photo Credits – Center for Whale Research

According to Michael Harris, Executive Director of the Center for Whale Research, “this year we’ve seen the youngest mom on record give birth, a ten-year-old, and three of the oldest.” “Grandma is now giving birth to a child. The new 30 for Southerners is unquestionably forty.

Photo Credits – Center for Whale Research

The addition to a pod that was shown to be thriving earlier this year gives rise to fresh optimism over the endangered orca population’s recovery. We are incredibly happy for them.

Photo Credits – Center for Whale Research

The Center for Whale Research said on their Facebook page, “Great news!!! A new calf was documented today in J pod! The calf, designated J53, was seen traveling with J17. This is the third calf in J pod this year! More information will be coming soon. Permission granted to use this photo for media/news reporting purposes. The photo was taken by Dave Ellifrit under NMFS Permit #15569 and/or DFO license #2013-04 SARA-272 “3”.”

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