After Interfering With A Football Game, The Life Of This Abandoned Stray Dog Is Changed Forever

The footballer who rescued the loving dog after he interrupted a soccer match in Bolivia has decided to adopt him.

A dog that disrupted a game captured everyone’s attention. Usually, only athletes are seen in football games performing stunts with the ball and working as a team to win.

The Strongest and Nacional de Potos were playing soccer at the Hernando Siles stadium in La Paz, Bolivia when a bystander came on and stole the show.

When a stray dog entered the playing area, he caused quite a disturbance since he was carrying a shoe that he had taken from a substitute and put in his mouth.

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The “Cachito” dog appeared to want to show the players the sports memorabilia, but the soccer players made an effort to concentrate on their game.

A dog stops a football game.

The dog was initially ignored, but after the game was stopped due to his circling the field to evade the officials and the players, people stopped paying attention to him. The dog chose to lay down on the field and start fervently chewing on the shoe because he was happy with the attention he had gotten.

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The dog quickly became the focus of the game after the commentators had to mention how adorable he was.

Undoubtedly, Cachito had enjoyed a few moments of fame, and he didn’t want to waste them; instead, he wanted to spread his happiness to everyone. Cachito turned around on the ground and was petted a lot when some players came up to attempt and catch him.

Ral Castro, a member of the home team, was then allowed to pick up Cachito and carry him from the field so that the game could continue.

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In addition to winning the hearts of football fans, the charming dog also functioned as a good luck charm for the local squad. The game on Christmas Eve was won 3-1 by The Strongest. Both the outcome and Cachito were well received by the audience.image Credits : Twitter

It wasn’t until a few days later that a news article about the friendly puppy surfaced on social media that anybody discovered what had happened to the night’s brightest star. Sadly, Cachito was discovered in the middle of the city, battered and in bad shape from being struck by a car.

They promptly answered the call after the individual who spotted him posted a need for help on Facebook.

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The puppy was taken to the shelter to be treated by Mayra, a rescuer from the “Ni Una Patita Menos” animal shelter, who went to the scene.image Credits : Twitter

Mayra disclosed to El Potos: “We observed the post made by this person. The boy who published informed us he watched how he was run over and threw himself on the ground as a result when we arrived. He’s currently sound asleep.

We require veterinarian help.”
Thankfully, a teammate from The Strongest noticed Cachito‘s Facebook post and decided to share it in an effort to find him a home.

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Ral Castro, the player who had taken Cachito off the field, was informed of the depressing news in this manner. The man didn’t think twice about contacting the shelter to help the dog; he also covered all of the medical fees and made the decision to adopt him.

image Credits : Twitter 

Cachito became a champion by not just stealing a few moments of fame from a soccer match but also by winning the heart of his beloved rescuer.

Check out the video below for more info: 

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  1. Both the dog and the rescue individual will be blessed for a lifetimes…. It’s truly a Miracle not just for this dog, but for the both of them to be in an arena with thousands & thousands of Football fans watching this heart warming moment of God’s Embracing Love.

  2. That is the most loving us thing I have ever heard. I’m so glad that that beautiful puppy got a forever home what a blessing and thank you sir for taking him it’s people like you that make the world a better place.


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