Meet Sarge, A Loving German Shepherd Who Enjoys Taking Care Of Orphaned Fawns

Can you believe it if I say a dog adopted an orphaned fawn? Yeah, that’s right. Today we’re going to see about the heart-melting incident between a dog and a little fawn. We’re living in a world where even humans don’t help each other or care about orphaned people, but this five-sense animal takes care of a little fawn. It looks like we should learn from these five sense animals.

Dogs’ unique ability to be so amiable, friendly, and devoted will always be something to be respected. When someone needs assistance, care, or protection, their kind hearts are open to them—enough talking. Let’s get into the main content.

Meet Sarge – A Kind Dog

Credits: buckys_porch

When given a task, some dogs succeed. That’s exactly what happened to Sarge when he began helping those who were most in need.

Dogs are unmatched in their empathy and compassion. Since they are the kind of creatures who are willing to go above and beyond to support other animals in need, it comes fairly naturally to them. The dog acted quickly to step in when Cheryl, Sarge’s owner, brought home a young orphaned fawn.

Cheryl discovered Buckwheat the fawn at the side of the road. The 9-year-old German Shepherd immediately developed feelings for the young infant. It didn’t take Sarge long to decide that he would act as Buckwheat’s protector and adoptive father. And this devoted dog undoubtedly performed a fantastic job. Sarge, a German Shepherd, is a kind dog who looks after fawns that are abandoned.

All of the adopted animals were treated with great friendliness and kindness by Sarge. Still, Buckheat—the first orphaned deer adopted by Cheryl—was especially touched by his kindness.

Cheryl Stephan, the owner, was a kind woman who, throughout the years, took in a lot of orphaned animals, including some young fawns.

The now-9-year-old German shepherd dog used to be a bit of a grump when he was a youngster, nipping toes and chasing his siblings inside the house. Everything, however, changed when his mother brought home an abandoned fawn named Buckwheat that she had found lying in the center of the road.

Credits: buckys_porch

Sarge merely hired himself as the deer’s babysitter when Buckwheat showed up. And Buckwheat was happy to have a friend who gave him a sense of security.

While being reassured that Buckheat was okay, the dog followed him wherever he ran outside. Sarge calmly traveled at the deer’s pace, encouraging him to explore while keeping him out of danger. As the fawn learned to handle his shaky legs, Sarge moved at the baby’s pace. Cheryl recalled how Sarge accompanied Buckwheat when we took him outside and prevented him from getting lost. We would send Sarge to look for Buckwheat and bring him back to the house as he grew and became a bit more independent.

Credits: buckys_porch 

Sarge serving as Buckwheat’s substitute father made him extremely pleased. The little fawn was completely unafraid of the dog and let him teach as much as he could about how to be a deer. As Buckwheat grew and learnt from Sarge, they spent all of their time together.

The Sad Goodbye

The little fawn grew under Sarge’s watchful supervision and was sufficiently recovered to be returned to the wild. By the time that day arrived, almost everyone in the neighborhood was aware of Buckwheat and Sarge and their endearing connection.

It wasn’t the end of Sarge’s deer-raising days, even though he had to bid Buckwheat farewell and allow him to go spend his life in the woods. When a deer is hurt or orphaned, Cheryl has essentially become the go-to person in the neighborhood. Due to this, Sarge has had numerous opportunities to assist in raising small orphaned fawns that require nurturing individuals to give them a start in life. According to Sarge’s Instagram page, nurturing and caring for deer is the only thing that makes this dog happier.

Credits: buckys_porch 

When Buckwheat was finally allowed to return to the wild, word of Cheryl and Sarge’s expertise at helping orphaned and hurt wild fawns had already gotten around. As soon as a new deer showed up here, it was like Christmas morning for Sarge.

Sarge reacts quickly as I enter the room carrying a fawn. He’ll feverishly sniff and nose about to see how they’re doing, wanting to check them over,” Cheryl explained. “Sarge attracts the fawns, and they feel secure around him. Sarge is steadfastly devoted to them.

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