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Surfers Spend Six Hours Rescuing A Young Whale After Hearing Her Cry

Local surfers in Boca Barranca, Costa Rica, were about to catch the waves when they noticed something strange. Around five in the morning, Mauricio Camareno and his friends noticed what appeared to be a “black bulge” at the mouth of a local river.

Soon after, the surfers made the decision to stop by after hearing a creature crying in the area. They soon discovered that it was a baby pilot whale that had become caught there, 150 feet downstream. The poor thing appeared to be too worn out to swim back into the sea, so the surfers carried her there instead.

A young pilot whale was discovered by local surfers in Costa Rica stranded in shallow water. Photo Credits – Noticias del Puerto

Camareno informed Amelia Rueda that “she was quite weak and could not maintain afloat.”

But that’s not all. Camareno and his friends agreed to stay with the whale calf until she was strong enough to swim again because she was still unable to do so. It took about six hours. Many locals gathered to observe what was happening throughout this time. Some of them even called the Costa Rican Coast Guard and the MINAE (Ministry of Environment and Energy). Unluckily, none of them replied.

She was incredibly weak and could not maintain her balance.
Photo Credits – Noticias del Puerto

“They explained to us that they had to follow a procedure to determine whether the whale had any diseases. MINAE promised to bring a [veterinarian], but for the entire time we were there, no one ever showed up, according to Mauricio.

The men led her into deeper waters after a 6-hour rescue effort, and she left on her own.
Photo Credits – Noticias del Puerto

Therefore, the kind-hearted surfers decide to wait until the tide comes in to ensure that the frightened calf is able to swim back into the deep waters. The newborn whale finally found relief after six long hours as she dove back into the water. It’s all because of these heroes!

Pilot whales have unfortunately been stranded on beaches before. Around 400 pilot whales were stranded on a New Zealand beach a few years ago, which is an astonishing number. Authorities back then attempted to save them with the assistance of numerous volunteers.


Social media users have praised the men for saving them. What amazing people you are, one individual wrote. I’m so grateful that you were able to save this amazing animal, whose intelligence may even be higher than ours.

Watch the video below for more information:

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