Puppy Born Smiling Permanently Stole The Rescuer’s Heart And Created An Incredible Family For Himself

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Unfortunately, not all dogs are fortunate enough to receive the love and care they so urgently need, especially those who are born with disabilities or strange birth defects that give them an odd appearance. Every dog deserves to be appreciated. These dogs must battle for their own existence because they are frequently abandoned once they arrive in the world today.

Thankfully, the bulldog and Rottweiler mix might be fortunate. Kaley Carlyle first learned about that special puppy from the mother dog’s owner three years prior.

Image Credits : Androdass

He was the first animal she encountered who was in need of savings. She wants to find a caring home for the dog and aid him in getting medical care as needed. She eventually gave birth to him, though, and became his mother.

After bringing the puppy home, Kaley gave him the nickname Chupacabra (or Chupey for short) in honor of the legendary creature from Mexican folklore.

Kaley has been actively involved in dog rescue for ten years, and throughout that time, she has never encountered a puppy with such a unique personality.

Chupey has almost no fur, tiny eyes, bent ears, large teeth, and a wide mouth, giving the impression that he was born smiling. And it was the small guy’s infectious smile that instantly won Kaley over and made her fall in love with him.

Image Credits : Androdass

The dog continued to live each day to the fullest even after it was discovered that his unusual appearance was due to an extra chromosome. It appears that his spirit was unaffected by the congenital defect; his body was unaffected.

Image Credits : Androdass

Chupey has always been a playful and energetic puppy, and he has a great personality around other dogs. He also has a deep respect for his humans. Kelly has several dogs because she rescues animals, and Chupe has always gotten along well with all of them.

Chupey is still the happiest dog on earth, even after three years! He is not only Carson’s best friend but also a strong supporter of dogs with special needs and canines who have a unique appearance. Isn’t it lovely?

This dog is suffering from a disease similar to down syndrome. Let’s look into detail.

What Is Down Syndrome?

The Mayo Clinic defines down syndrome as “a genetic disease brought on by an additional whole or partial copy of chromosome 21 as a result of improper cell division. The physical characteristics and developmental abnormalities of Down syndrome are caused by this excess genetic material.

Down syndrome is distinguished from other conditions by distinctive physical characteristics, such as a flattened face and upward-slanting eyes, and it can cause developmental delays and mild to severe intellectual difficulties. Additionally, medical conditions, including hearing loss, heart abnormalities, or eye illness, can be difficult for those with Down syndrome.

Can Dogs Have Down Syndrome?

Image Credits : Androdass

The fact that humans have 23 sets of chromosomes whereas dogs have 39 highlights one of the clear genetic distinctions between the two species. Since dogs, by default, have 78 chromosomes and Down syndrome is defined by having 47 chromosomes (23 sets plus the extra copy of chromosome 21), it cannot be diagnosed in them.

Having said that, genetic abnormalities can occur in dogs, and these abnormalities might present as symptoms and physical traits that are similar to those of Down syndrome in people.

Check out this motivational dog, shall we?

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