After Finding Orphaned Chicks In Her Nest, Mother Owl Accepts Them As Her Own

Like humans, animals also have some of the same characteristics. Some human mothers love their children very much, and some mothers leave their children. This story proves the same happens with animals too. This is a story about a childless owl mother becoming a surrogate mother to orphaned owl chicks.

Even if they aren’t their biological children, many animals in nature have such strong maternal instincts that they will take on the role of mother to young ones. Surrogate moms have successfully been matched with orphaned newborns in need of a mother, resulting in a lovely and productive bond.

Recently, a childless owl was given two orphaned chicks to raise as her own, and she was overjoyed to have children of her own.

Robert Fuller is a [ WAP ]wildlife artist and photographer who works in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, United Kingdom, and who supports wildlife rehabilitation. He has witnessed Luna, a tawny owl, struggle for two years to have a baby.

Despite her best attempts, none of her offspring has lived. In addition to her eggs not hatching this year, Robert noted that she had lost her clutch the previous year.

Tawny owl Luna has laid a third egg. She looks very happy, doesn’t she?
Photo Credits – Robert E Fuller

But eventually, a wonderful chance came up. Two orphaned owl chicks were searching for a mother to take care of them as Luna battled to become pregnant. The chicks fell to the ground and were discovered there on a nearby farm.

As they were still small, Robert warned that the owl chicks “may die of cold in a short period of time as at this age they should be regularly brooded by their parents.”

So, in the hopes that Luna would take care of them, Robert put the newborn owls in her nest. Tawny owls welcome the tiny chicks as their own when I frequently deposit orphaned or lost owlets into their nests, according to Robert.

They have a tremendous desire to care for and nurture others. A touching video captures the moment Luna discovers the owl chicks in her nest, and she appears happy to have offspring to care for. The strategy evidently worked surprisingly well.

See the video below:

When she sees the baby owls, Luna doesn’t even pause to think before claiming them as her own. She physically takes the helpless birds under her wing as if to protect and cuddle them. Luna is “finally a mum,” Robert said, “after a lengthy wait.” Robert provided an update and stated that Luna was “doing a terrific job” caring for the chicks and had been “very sensitive” with them. He predicts that the chicks will soon be too old to brood, but for the time being, their devoted mother is taking good care of them.

Tawny owl Luna taking care of her two adopted baby owls. Aww this looks cute.
Photo Credits – Robert E Fuller

“These owlets have already been in their new nest for a week, and they are flourishing under Luna’s loving care. It is amazing to watch her raise the children,” he wrote.

What a lovely story. We’re so happy that this mother owl finally found the family of her dreams and that the abandoned chicks were taken in by someone who understands the power of a mother’s love.

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