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Breeders’ Abandoned “Unsellable” Dog Have Become A Huge Celebrity !

Pomeranians are among the smallest breeds of dogs used as pets and are well-liked for their petite size and adorable appearance. As a result, many people assume a Pomeranian dog has lost its appeal as it becomes a little bit.

They all assumed that this pup was “too big to vend,” which is another reason why Bertram was killed by his own dog breeders. The 5-month-old infant was abandoned at a sanctuary in Tulsa, where he or she also sort of became a megastar. He was loved for his wonderful, compassionate character and also his chilled, laid-back outlook.

Photo Credits – Bertram The Pomeranian

The good news is that they actually didn’t need to stay for very long, even though the folks at the sanctuary wanted to spend as much time as they could with the interesting young kid.

They still realized that they needed to find him a legitimate owner to be appreciated and watched for. A musician in the big city of New York discovered his filmland on Petfinder and also immediately fell in love.

Kathy Grayson claimed that it was his eyes that marvelously caught her attention. Despite the difficulty of reaching him, Kathy chose to hire this handsome man without making a reservation. Range didn’t matter at all because she realized that she needed the dog.

Photo Credits – Bertram The Pomeranian

Although Bertram (or Bert as Kathy frequently calls him) had a difficult beginning, his life was changed at that specific moment. It’s possible that fate allowed things to work out this way so they might meet and collaborate on their happy lives.

Unexpectedly, many Instagram users had a crush on Bert as well. Kathy wasn’t the only one who thought Bert was remarkable and wonderfully fascinating. People simply can’t get enough of his sweetness, as proven by the over 443k followers his Instagram account has received.

Photo Credits – Bertram The Pomeranian

At Kathy’s gallery, Bert is equally well-known. Many people go there just to interact with him or let their dog interact with him, and the dog is very fine with being the focus of attention!

We can safely assume that Bert is leading an interesting life in the megacity of New York and that we will see a lot more horrifying moments of Bert in the near future!

Fun Facts About Pomeranians


  1. The breed is named after Pomerania, which is where it first appeared in Northern Europe.
  2. Poms or Pom Poms are other names for them that are used with love.
  3. Despite being little, these pups are descended from large sled dogs and often weigh between 7 and 10 pounds. Hard to imagine, isn’t it?
  4. Pomeranians used to be larger animals. Before England’s Queen Victoria began breeding them smaller, they could weigh as much as 20 to 30 pounds.
  5. They are well known for believing that their small bark can defeat large dogs despite their relatively small size. A Pomeranian should therefore be socialized with other dogs in order to prevent aggressive behavior.
  6. Belferlein was a Pomeranian that Martin Luther, a pioneer of the Protestant Reformation, owned and frequently mentioned in his writings.
  7. Pimperl, the beloved Pomeranian in Mozart’s life, received a special aria.
  8. As he painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, Michelangelo had a Pomeranian by his side.
  9. Pomeranians make excellent therapy dogs. Additionally, they have received training to serve as hearing aid dogs.
  10. Despite having a fuzzy coat, they only need to be brushed occasionally, which can help with shedding.

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