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This Dog Was Unusual From Birth And Was Raised To Be Afraid Of People, Yet Today He Is Loved Worldwide

With a rare genetic disease known as short spine syndrome, Quasimodo was discovered as a stray.

A Brief Intro To Short Spine Syndrome
Short-Spine Syndrome The disorder prevents the vertebrae in the spine from hardening into the bone and keeps them more in a state similar to cartilage. It is hypothesized to be brought on by inbreeding. Because of this, parts of the vertebrae join together, limiting movement—a shorter spine results from this compression of the spine.

Most dogs with Short Spine Syndrome appear to lack a neck due to cervical spine compression. This forces the dog to completely turn around in order to gaze behind him. Dogs with this illness also have shorter bodies due to the shortened spine. The limbs are unaffected by the illness. Thus the dogs’ bodies appear short in comparison to the size of their legs.

Back To The Story
He was brought to a shelter, where he soon gained recognition in what appears to be the ideal fairy-tale resolution.

He has a neck that hardly supports his head and a chest that is only about one-third the size it should be.

image credits : Androdass

Only 13 dogs in the entire world have been identified as having the condition, and he is one of them.

However, if you met Quasimodo, you wouldn’t assume that he was in pain.

In Kentucky, he was posed as an angry dog. Quasi was extremely shy and afraid of people. But his personality evolved as he got to know a kind mortal named Rachel.

He was adopted by the Minnesota Secondhand Hounds, who called him a “pleasant, great, sweet puppy.”

image credits : Androdass

Given how well he has adapted to his rescuers, the rescuers were certain that Quasimodo would find a home.

His unique circumstance meant that he would experience health issues later in life, but there was still hope that he would be able to find a home.

Quasimodo visited a veterinarian on his second day with the rescue.

After having his exam at the veterinarian, he was then transferred to a temporary foster home with the Secondhand Hounds.

image credits : Androdass

He needs to follow some instructions from other dogs, such as eating without leaning over, but he is now a contented, dapper puppy that has planted suckers all over the world… and also us!

His new life officially began because the foster home’s workers loved him so much that it ended up being his forever home.

These days, he enjoys life by playing with his musketeers, chasing little girls, and running in the snow. Apparently, he is quite the ladies’ man!

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