Story Of A Lady Who Traveled Daily To See Homeless Dogs!

There are plenty of homeless animals, especially cats and dogs, in Turkey. Day by day, the number of homeless animals is increasing.

They are born in the street. Do not forget that, they do not have sufficient food, water, and shelter. The main reason is that these animals are brought to mountains or desolate areas. Therefore animals are struggling to meet their requirements. This is a severe incident in Turkey.

During bad weather, especially in winter, they face many problems to protect their lives. Not only above mentioned matter but also to protect from animal catchers.

So the question is: Where are responsible people or the institute or animal society to care for these poor lives?

Why cannot they take action to survive these innocent animals? They also like to live peacefully and need the freedom to breathe.

Look at their eyes; if you can read them, you can understand their need and what they are asking from us? Will you be able to?

Luckily, there are kind-hearted people. People with good sense are great gifts from god.
Here we will talk about a kind-hearted woman who stands behind these poor lives named Nuray.

Nuray spent her life-saving dogs that lived in this area.

Going to Turkey it is very easy to find homeless dogs, especially in mountains and bare lands.

Do you want to know what Nuray does for these stray dogs?

Daytime Nuray is working to earn for herself. After finishing her work, he travels to see homeless dogs in the hills of Sapanca, Turkey. Daily she drives there to bring food for the dogs. It usually takes around two years. How long does she do this one? Oh, it’s incredible, over ten years, she has been going to see stray dogs live in the Hills of Sapanca, Turkey.

Dogs wait for her daily. They know she is coming to see them with food. Nuray feeds them up to the night, then only she returns to her home. All dogs are friendly to her.

She does this social work. She is getting money from her job and investing all her money and time in taking care of stray dogs over the ten years. What a great personality she has!

We should be thankful for her dedicated services. Do you agree with that?

From where does she collect this much food? After finishing her work, she goes to nearby restaurants to collect wasted food. She has a connection with some shops, so they are issuing food to her because her well-played role is a little famous in that area.

Not only feeding the dog but also if she meets any injured or sick dogs, brings them to the vet and does the necessary treatments.

Her excellent service tells so many messages to society.

Now she is struggling with expenses because now the fuel and pet food prices are high. So she is expecting your support to continue her service. For that, she has created a website there. If you wish to support her, you can contact her via the Turkish website. She is not expecting money; instead, she is looking for pet foods.

If you like to join her, this is a good time.

Here we have attached a few photos to show you how she spends her time with these dogs.
This is Nuray’s story. Surely there might be some more stories of these types of people.

So what do you feel now? This is only one example showing the life of homeless dogs. If we can go for birth control for these dogs, we hope we can reduce this population. This is our suggestion. What about yours?


Nuray is with stray dogs. She is feeding them. She said that she feels they are like her children.


You can see Nuray’s face when she is with dogs. She gets more relaxed in her mind when she has these tiny eyes.

Credit:instagram Credit:instagram



How she dedicates her life nearly ten years to take care of these poor dogs



Look at their eyes, trying to thank them for the food.

Remember, this planet is not only for humans, it is all for all living beings. While we are living here, we want to save space for them too. We should provide all the facilities that they need to live peacefully.



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  1. God bless her golden heart. Thank you so much for all your work & love. Some day Jesus will Crown your head for love, care, & hard work. I wish I had the funds to be able to adopt All of these beautiful beloved creatures that God blessed us with, and fly them to my home.

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