The story is about a mom who lost her babies at labor and tried to give life to lifeless puppies!

Hey guys, we will share your mom’s feelings as a mom who lost her babies at labor. 

This is one of the heart-touching stories we have ever heard. 

Only moms know that pain because mom’s heart is always for her babies.

Losing babies at labor, what do you think? Do you have any experience? 

Actually, we don’t know how to explain it, but we will try to do a fair maximum for that feeling.

Sometimes you have seen, felt, faced, or heard about losing babies at labor for several reasons among humans and animals. But the pain is common for all living beings on the planet. 

However, humans can express this pain to humans by words, but animals can not do it. By observing your doggy’s behavior and how they share their feelings, only we can predict the pain of our doggy. Is it?

Let’s see what mom is doing after losing her puppies. This is a story of a canine mom who lost her puppies in labor.

Be with us to know more!

This canine mom lost her puppies at labor. She cared a lot about giving a healthy life to unborn puppies in her tummy during pregnancy.

But unfortunately, she lost her newborn puppies. She also feels the pain of her beloved puppies as human moms. She cries a lot, searches for her dead puppies, hangs them in her mouth, and runs here and there. She is not ready to accept the death of her puppies at this moment. 

Heartbroken, right? 

Credits : androdass

The owner buried her puppies. But you know what she did?

She panicked and tried to search for her newborn babies. Mother dog digs from her paws in that place, takes out her puppies, and carries them out. While watching these lifeless puppies, she cries. 

You can look at the photos that we attach here, and further, you can watch the video by clicking on the link we will give here.
Credits : Buzz News

According to “Daily Mirror,” it said that she dug the puppies’ grave six times. She lay on it and released her pains.

How can she bear this lonely sorrow?

When the owner tries to lose the dead body of the puppy, she runs away from them. She thinks that puppies are still alive. 

Some websites say that if you do surgery on your doggy to control birth, that may help to reduce depression. However, two to three times after pregnancy, doing birth control will affect your doggy mentality profoundly.

Have you ever experienced it?

Credits : androdass

If a mother dog loses her babies, she may not want to eat food, may not walk around much, and may not play. We can say they will be away from their daily routines. Try to be lonely and unhappy either the whole day or until she recovers. 

As the owner, you have more responsibilities to recover your doggy’s mentality. 

If your doggy continuously suffers, you can ask the puppy from the shelter for fostering. 

Another canine mom, Bettie in the Philippines, identified her puppies as dead. Then she started to remove dead puppies. Mother dog dug a grave with her paws and put her dead puppies covered by soil. She lay on a gravy of puppies. She did everything without getting any instructions for her owner.

Her owner, Lenny Rose Ellema, wondered after seeing what Bettie did. 

Of course, some doggies make more sense than others.

Even some canine moms do not allow owners and other family members to come closer. It is because the canine mom might think they are trying to take her babies. Moms might be more aggressive when they have babies.

The birth of babies is exciting, giving joy to parents and bringing a new world. But if you lose your baby, this is totally different.


Dogs also have emotions like humans. 

Once mom gets to know she is pregnant. She is dreaming of her baby. From that day until her last breath, she is with their children. Her lifetime sacrifice for children’s happiness. But think about current society and how children treat their parents. We have to think more to create a better tomorrow. 

This incident shows the unconditional love of mom!

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