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The Dog That Had Previously Been Abused Returns To Her Rescuer After Running Away From The New Family

When he discovered Pepper, she was in bad form. He took her in and provided care for the brutally abused animal.

Josh took Pepper in as a foster child, cared for her recovery, and paid for her therapy. Before the Labrador retriever, Pointer, and Jack Russell Terrier mix ended up becoming a lifelong member of Josh’s family, Pepper’s narrative, however, underwent a number of additional twists and turns.

The Following Is Pepper’s Story As Told By Josh From Her Perspective:

“My name is Pepper, and I was a dumpster dog brought to the SPCA as a young puppy. Ironically, in the 110-degree summer heat of Houston, Texas, an animal hoarder took me in, mistreated me, neglected me, and kept me locked up.

I only eat from a rusty pot twice every week, but I do so. I got choked on my exercise bike while I was sleeping, and I eventually figured out how to sleep upright.

“The tiny dead animals that the hoarder had neglected to feed were all about me when Josh, my hero, discovered me. The veterinarian informed me that I was underweight, had mange, 27 lacerations, two sets of worms, fleas, and ticks, and had shattered my leg. Not to mention, being petted terrified me to death.

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“I was fixed up by my new owner, who then donated me to a kind family. They were unable to find me for a month because I escaped and fled. Every week after that, an instructor picked me up at a distant faculty and drove me to a veterinary facility, where I stayed for four days.

Since I used to be microchipped and Josh had done his homework, the SPCA was prepared to find me when he called because they still had the data. Josh had stayed in touch with the family he gave me to.

“The new family claimed it was an accident, so he returned me to them. They lost me once more a month later. I traveled 14 kilometers on foot to the exact same veterinary facility that the university professor had shown me to on my initial visit. They called Josh after learning my identity, and as I had hoped, HE KEPT ME! You can achieve your dreams! I’m a healthy, happy dog now, and I live with a wonderful family.

I also have a Siberian husky step-sister who I really like and a wonderful human who pamper me terribly and gives me the most basic food available.

Animals that have been saved by humans are never forgotten by the dogs. We want to draw attention to the heartwarming tale of a dog who was saved from a horrific situation and later came to represent a precious friendship.

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  1. All Animals Deserve love and especially RESPECT I have rescued 4 Dogs and only lost the last one after having him for 19 years was told when i first took him to a vet that he only had 6 months to live because of heart problems so i had 19 yrs the other 3 I had for 16 wonderful yrs I’m 75 yrs old and have a lot of Medical problems and the dogs saved my life when i was ready to end it one of the dogs his name was CHEEKY He climbed on my chest looked into my eyes as if to say what will happen to me if you do end your life and i broke down and he layed down on me and i held him for about an hour that is what animals do they save you

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