Story About A Dog Who Fights With Cancer And Wait To See Her Dad Before Her Last Breath!

Nobody like to hear the word “cancer” because it is a hard-to-cure disease. But it can be the most beautiful word after we accept reality.

It may be why people with cancer are saying it is a hope of life. Once they accept they have cancer, they often feel a sense of hope. Researchers show having a feeling of hope, and positive thoughts give better life and more strength to fight against cancer.

Have you ever felt it?

Can you imagine the situation of a family who has a cancer patient?

The pain of cancer is significant for all living beings.

Today, cancer is the leading health issue found everywhere, as you all know. Although it is a non-infectious disease, it spreads faster than other diseases among living beings.

The World Health Organization announces more than a thousand patients die per day due to cancer after heart disease. This is a serious issue.

What do you think about the feelings of cancer patients?

Can they be happy?

Do they have hopes?

Patients who have cancer know their death can happen when their lives are out of control. So, they are more mentally affected than physically. Anyhow they try to be in a positive mind because of their loved one. They feel they have to be strong to protect their family and friends.

Suppose a patient has a most awaited person far away from them and needs to see before their last breath. That may be her or his last wishes!

This story shows the feeling of a dog who suffered cancer and waited for her dad.


But the thing is, humans can feel the sense of humans, but for animals, it is different. Understanding, way of expression, and communication must be to treat animals suffering from cancer or any other health problem.

Be with us and read more. Try to understand the reality of life. Hope you will change your mind at the end.

The dog, “Kermie,” had a breathing issue. Her master’s wife observed her problem and brought her to meet the vet. After an examination, the vet found Kermie had cancer. Although the results were not happy to hear, the doctor decided to inform the owner of Kermie’s situation.

Kermie was the first doggy adopted by her master, Eric Ralston, a principal sanitarium corpsman in the US Navy. He went out for three months. Family members were in a challenge now because they couldn’t inform Eric of this saddest news.

The doctor said Kermie would live a maximum of two to three months. She had a few times to spend with her lovely family. Before that, his wife wished Kermie would be able to see her dad one more time. Often cancer patients feel lonely, so Jennifer Ralston tried to make a comfort zone for Kermie every day.

Kermie was fighting oral carcinoma. This is a very severe type of cancer. She cannot eat well and cannot breathe well. She had to attend a clinic for treatments. Day by day, Kermie became weak.
Family members feel sad for Kermie. It may be Kermie’s last few days.

Time was passing now, and it was the 3rd month. Eric has finished his work and is ready to come back. So the family thought both of them could meet soon. Can you imagine their feelings?

Twelve days before Christmas, Eric came home as usual Kermie was ready to welcome her dad with a red stripe on her neck.


Eric never hopes to see Kermie like this.


All wished Eric’s arrival brought new life to Kermie. She started to eat, drink and play as usual.

His 12th birthday was coming soon in January. She was happy staying with her dad and family. But one day, her health became worse, and the time came to leave this world and stop fighting cancer. On February 22nd, Kermie left this world, leaving her memories with Eric and the Lovely Family. It was the saddest day for Eric and his family.

Last but not least, those we love never truly leave us. There are things that death can not touch.

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