Story of a dog owner who was able to comfort his doggy from the pain due to arthritis!

Still, plenty of kind people are pretty sensitive to others’ pain. As humans, we can feel the pain inside a human. 

But, can you believe that still, there are humans who even become sensitive to an animal’s pain? Yeah, there are such angels.

So, here we will unveil a shocking story about a doggy and a kind-hearted human who lived in Wisconsin, USA. We are pretty sure that your eyes will be full of tears after reading this story up to the end. 

Though it is susceptible, of course, the story is worth sharing.

Here we go!

John Unger is the owner of this dog. He adopted a stray dog named “Schoep.”

Schoep grew up twenty years with his master. John was the best master found in his lifetime. 

When Schoep was getting old, he felt more pain because Schoep had suffered from arthritis for a long time and was paralyzed. But his owner took care of him until his last breath.

John understood Schoep’s difficulties and started to prepare for them to give him a better life in the last few days of Schoep’s life.

credit – androdass

Firstly, John tried to find what Schoep needed because, as you all know, animals cannot express their feelings like humans. By behavior or facial expression, we have to predict what they need. 

Similarly, Schoep also expressed his pain. He needs more love, attention, and time with his master because Schoep can say everything to John only. 

However, his veterinarian suggested putting him to sleep, but John disagreed with him. If the person is a true pet lover, they do not like to lose their pets. We hope you also do the same.  

Schoep and John lived 19 years together. They shared every little happiness and sadness and enjoyed every little moment together. So they have more memories of their journey. 

For the last couple of years, John was closer to Schoep. When he found Schoep, he promised that until Schoep’s last breath, I would take care of him. Today he played a significant role around Schoep. 

John was by his side at the least times. 

John was a good friend to him all the time. He was a painkiller to Schoep.

Due to arthritis, Schoep had joint pains. So his owner always looked after him to relieve his joint pains. For that, he brought Schoep out. Often they went to the lake to alleviate the pressure on his joints and muscles. When Schoep swam in the lake, it made them more comfortable for his body.

This photo was taken by John’s friend, Hannah, a photographer. He uploaded it to the web and got more attention from society. As a result, this friendship became the main topic in society in those days. 

But, the saddest thing was that Schoep had passed away in 2013. John was so upset about Schoep’s death.

He did not come out, reluctant to talk with others. He just spent time with Scope’s memory.

Although Schoep was on his deathbed, John didn’t forget his service to comfort Schoep. John was an excellent master to Schoep throughout his lifetime.

After Schoep’s death, John didn’t come out. You know the reason why that was. It was difficult to bear. He was in a need of more time to recover from that pain. 

Finally, John decided to bring a new puppy and named it “Xiong.”


This news came out, and those who heard it cheered for John’s Decision.

Xiong, the newcomer, helps to recover John from Schoep’s death. Although he recalled memories with Schoep, he spent time with Xiong, which gave him a better feel for John.

Friendship with animals, especially dogs, is more powerful once it loses from us, causing more pain to us.  

Last but not least, bonds give us more advantages, but once they lose, it provides thousands of pain and memories that cannot be erased from our heart.

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  1. Beautiful story ! Makes me miss my Riley so much . We had 17 years together . I hold him and our love for each other in my heart ! 🐶💙🐶

  2. Sadio Mane is a blessing to God’s needy people of Senegal and the world at large, please prayers ascending for you to continue serving God and His needy people while showing God’s love for them.
    Peace and Mercy!.

  3. Our family always had pets. We rescued many and if we could not find good families for them, we kept them. One time we had 7 female cats! All had kittens at once. The mammas kept stealing from each other. It was hilarious. We also rescued dogs, turtles, hurt squirrels birds. We all still do if there is a need. That’s “LOVE”!💕💕🤗

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