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After Being Rescued, An Exhausted Shelter Dog Falls Asleep On Her Rescuer’s Lap

Bella, a dog in a shelter, had a very difficult life. The sad dog lived the majority of her life in a concrete kennel at a city pound in Romania. She had very little contact with people and rarely got to go outside. She had untreated problems with her liver and spleen in addition to fleas.

Bella may have lived her entire life in the pound, but happily, the dog rescue organization Howl of the Dog arrived just in time.

When one of the group’s employees went to the pound, she saw Bella. Bella immediately licked her palm as she offered her hand. The dog was gentle and lovely, and it was obvious that she merely desired to be loved.

Photo Credits – HOWL OF A DOG

That day Bella was saved by Howl of a Dog. Before her meeting with the veterinarian, they brought her to their shelter, where she took a nap. Bella quickly displayed signs of being more at peace than she had been in the shelter.
She appeared to have understood right away that she was being saved and was safe, according to Howl of a Dog.

Bella was obviously a people-loving dog from the minute she came to Howl of a Dog’s shelter. She took a couch seat directly next to her rescuer. She eventually fell asleep on her rescuer’s lap due to exhaustion from everything that had happened that day.

Photo Credits – HOWL OF A DOG

When we were on our way to the vet, she simply slept off in my arms since she was so trusting and happy to have been saved. At last, Howl of a Dog was posted on Facebook.

Bella’s visit to the doctor went smoothly, and the doctor prescribed the dog vitamins for her liver and spleen. Additionally, he gave her a bath with medicine, which helped get rid of her fleas and lessened her itching.

Photo Credits – HOWL OF A DOG

After the appointment, Bella and her rescuer returned to the shelter, where Bella settled in right away. The somewhat underweight pup ate a lot, seemed content, and engaged in playful interactions with the other puppies in the shelter.

Photo Credits – HOWL OF A DOG

Bella has developed from a terrified animal into a satisfied, happy dog in the weeks that she has been with Howl of a Dog. Since her first rescue, this puppy has gone a long way!


Bella is currently doing well and getting all the attention she requires to regain her health and happiness, according to Howl of the Dog. “She will be up for adoption after she is fully recovered.”

Bella hasn’t had an easy life, but she is at last at a place where she feels comfortable and can be herself. Bella has been helped so much by such a lovely bunch of individuals, and we are so happy about that! Check out the video below to witness Bella letting go and dozing out on her rescuer.

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  1. I love all furbabies caretaker(s) in the world. I love they take their busy schedule to bring attn. To well needed lovebugs and their fate. World would b more safer and kinder to our furbabies out there.

  2. sometimes the furbabies save us as much as we save them.And there always a daisy when they do.

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