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The Years-Long Chained-Up Dog Now Gets To Be A Puppy

Dogs are not different from human. Both feel pain and get hurt. Imagine a human being is chained for years. What will be the outcome? We can’t even imagine. That’s what has happened to this innocent dog.

When you looked at the dog’s neck, you could see she had been chained for a while. The chain had scraped on the fur nearby, leaving a black stain. It was a massive, thick-linked metal chain that was attached to the dog’s neck with a sizable padlock; it wasn’t a light chain at all.

According to Angela Stell, founder and executive director of NMDOG, an organization that rescues chained dogs, a woman traveling by saw the dog, Violet, as well as five other chained dogs on the same property. Violet, who was roughly two years old when she was discovered in December 2016, may have spent her entire life on a chain.

It was against the law to chain dogs up without their owners present on the land in Miguel County, New Mexico. After the woman contacted the Animal Welfare Coalition of Northeastern New Mexico, the county sheriff’s office eventually picked up the dogs.

The Dodo was informed by Angela that “they were successful in getting someone to go out into the property and explain the regulations and what was wrong with the circumstance.” When they did that, they discovered that the dogs’ guardian was arrested for unrelated crimes and was not on the farm to provide the dogs with the daily care they required.

The place where abandoned dog violet was chained.
Photo Credits – NMDOG

Stell continued, “Overall, these dogs were just kind of abandoned and neglected. I’m not sure if anybody else was residing on the property or coming to the property.

Violet was among the dogs that NMDOG rescuers began caring for. They took the dogs to the veterinarian, where they are currently being boarded for medical purposes, as their first action.

Violet was released from the chained and taken to a vet.
Photo Credits – NMDOG

When Violet was discovered, she had severely developed flystrike, a condition in which maggots consume an animal’s flesh. Violet also had sunburned skin.

Despite everything Violet has been through, Stell claims that she is mostly healthy today, despite the fact that she still has a lot of fear-related difficulties to resolve.

She was and still is a little frightened, Stell added, “very, very afraid.” “She kind of ducks and cowers when you lift your hand to do something or move it quickly, as if you’re about to hit her. I have no idea what was done to cause her to act in that manner. On the other hand, she is changing thanks to kind words and helpful interactions.”

And every day, Violet gradually gains the ability to trust others and feels more at ease in her new surroundings.

Violet is very healthy and it’s great news.
Photo Credits – NMDOG

Stell added, “She’s very sweet, and she’s warming up to the personnel and us at the clinic. “She loves to cuddle up in her blanket and loves her stuffed animals very much. She enjoys going on walks. Being free of her chains has allowed her to begin learning about the world around her.”

Stell feels that Violet was never able to experience being a puppy. However, she can at last. Even better, she received her very first toy, a squeaking raccoon.Looks like Violet is having fun after being trapped for years
Photo Credits – NMDOG

Stell reported, “I’ve seen her a few times playing with her squeaky raccoon toy. “After batting it a little, she will turn to see whether anyone is observing her. She will therefore be very lively and carefree and be able to put everything behind her.”

Stell stated that Violet still needed to undergo more healing and that she also needed to be spayed. But Violet won’t be available for adoption for another few weeks.

Yeah, I am strong and healthy now.
Photo Credits – NMDOG

She needs a home that will treat her like a family member and keep her inside with them the bulk of the day because she will be quite susceptible to sunburn, according to Stell. “A little princess home is what she needs.”

Photo Credits – NMDOG

Please get in touch with the NMDOG team if you believe you have the ideal home for Violet. Making a donation will also enable NMDOG to save additional animals.

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