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Heartwarming Moment: Two Former Circus Lions Finally Stepped On Grass For The First Time !

Just imagine how you would feel if you never stepped outside in your lifetime, you have grown inside your room the whole life, and finally, one day, you get a chance to step outside for the first time in your life. You can’t even imagine, right? That’s what happened to the two circus lions that we are going to see today. Let’s get started.

Two Former Circus Lions Finally Get Freedom                                                                                                                                                                               

Seeing an animal in a cage, much less a gorgeous lion, is always upsetting. Unfortunately, there are still a lot of circuses where these lovely wild cats are held in cages. For two of them, it all came to an end when they were saved and given the freedom to walk by a caring crew. There are no words to describe how emotional it is when the two lions first touch the grass.

Tarzan and Tanya have been made to endure a miserable life for more than eight years as performers in a circus headquartered in Guatemala. The two enormous lions spent their entire lives being mistreated while being housed in little cages.

Two lions Tanya and Tarzan living inside a cage
[Photo Credits: Animal Defenders International]

Fortunately, when Animal Defenders International (ADI), a global organization dedicated to animal welfare, learned about their situation, they immediately took action to save them.

Despite the fact that these giants are often brave, the two were terrified and confused when Jan and Tim, the president and vice-president of ADI, went to save them.

They had been through a very hard and depressing existence that had left physical and emotional scars that went all the way to their hearts. And these last ones demonstrate how neglected these cute animals were.

However, the nightmare ended. Their cage was finally opened following a lengthy journey to his new residence and a brief period of quarantine… They were free for the first time in their life. As soon as they were free of the cage, they enjoyed the feel of the grass beneath their paws.

[Photo Credits: Animal Defenders International]

Fortunately, after spending so many years leading a depressing life, Tanya and Tarzan were eventually brought to a rehabilitation facility before being sent to their new home—a sanctuary in South Africa. The two had the opportunity to walk on grass for the first time once they arrived, and the experience was breathtaking.

The lions Tanya and Tarzan walking out once they got their freedom
[Photo Credits: Animal Defenders International]

Their heartfelt response is a combination of joy and surprise. All they knew was cold, hard metal, so they weren’t used to feeling this soft grass beneath their paws.

They appeared to be in an absolute state of joy once the initial shock was over. They took their time, enjoyed each step, felt the grass, smelled the trees, and laid down on the ground. The animals whose death had left them a skeleton had risen to life again.

Watch the heart-melting video below to learn more about Tarzan and Tanya’s rescue!

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  1. So glad they got to finally have the freedom they deserve. It is so awful how some animals have to live and are treated. People do seem to understand or just don’t care that they have feelings same as us. Thank you for releasing them.

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