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A Trail Camera Captures A Young Bear Bathing With A Toy Bear That He Discovered

The bear cub had traveled quite a distance to arrive at this point. Since Tamarack, an abandoned bear cub, escaped from a wildlife rehabilitation center after being rescued from a Northern California wildfire zone, Toogee Sielsch has been keeping a careful check on him.

Tamarack needed medical attention after suffering burns to his paws in the fire. He was thankfully transferred to a wildlife care facility where he could receive the attention he needed.However, Tamarack had to live as a free bear since that was how he was born.

He left the building in order to return to the forest, which is where he belongs.This tiny cub tunneled beneath an electric fence after physically escaping from its enclosure.He wanted to be free so badly. Through trail cameras positioned all over the forest next to his home, Sielsch is able to get views of Tamarack.

The little bear appears to be doing well on his own, according to the video.Better than fine, actually. He has toys in addition to being able to survive out there by himself and supplying himself with essentials.Tamarack and a friend were caught by Sielsch bathing in a large puddle.

That friend was a bear doll from a plastic toy collection.Additionally, nobody is aware of the origin of the tiny toy bear.


Tamarack is seen in the video jumping into the puddle with his muddy paws sticking out, snatching his baby bear as it bobs up and down out of the water. Certainly, this made Sielsch feel better.

According to Sielsch, who spoke to The Dodo, “I thought how it was nearly a great representation of the playfulness of not only young black bears but of all of them.”

After everything that Tamarack had been through, Sielsch was ecstatic to learn that he was now living his best life.

As an orphaned and recovering cub of the year, now a yearling, it makes Sielsch’s heart very happy to have observed his progress despite all difficulties. It demonstrates the resilience of wildlife in the face of adversity.

According to reports, if the circumstances are appropriate, cubs can live independently in the wild.

According to John Beecham of The Wildlife Center of Virginia, “leaving a cub in the wild is a reasonable choice for many cubs provided they are old enough to survive alone and have sufficient fat reserves.” “Cubs of American black bears as early as five to seven months old have survived. According to research on bears that have been released, older and larger cubs have higher survival rates.

In the video, it is evident that Tamarack is not only surviving but also thriving. Thousands of people watched the video of his bathtime play that was uploaded to YouTube. The Dodo ran a story about it as well.Photo Credits: STORYFUL VIRAL – YOUTUBE

This is really lovely! The bubble bath was the only thing left to be added. Loved how, when he dropped it, he sprinted after it quickly and grabbed it before saying, “You’re all good friend,” commented one user.

I’ve never seen anything better than this. What do you think—just a coincidence or does the bear know the toys have similar features? Another person said.

The video below shows Tamarack playing with his toys while taking a bath.

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