Any Homeless Dog That Comes Into The Restaurant Is Given Free Food

Five years ago, a very special and unusual guest began regularly visiting Gerardo Ortiz’s Peruvian restaurant Ajilalo. A hungry, homeless dog who was walking the streets decided to stop at the restaurant’s entrance and make a touching expression.

Gerardo might have easily refused the homeless dog, but he gave him a lovely free lunch that had been specially made for him instead. Since that time, man has created a wonderful habit that is still in use now. After that, the dog gets a free dinner every day at Gerardo’s restaurant.

The restaurant owner prepares free dog food.

The many other stray animals in the town quickly learned about the man’s generosity and kindness, though, and it didn’t take long. More dogs started to show up fast, and of course, Gerardo fed them a great dinner to greet them.

Many homeless dogs frequent Gerardo’s restaurant at the moment; some of them are regular visitors, and others are just passing through. They all share the same experience, which is, of course, being able to satisfy their hunger with the delectable food that the kind man provides.More dogs are coming to visit the restaurant.

In order to determine whether the rumor that he might get a free meal there is real, the guy always looks into the eyes of a new puppy while he is at work.

The actions of the owner of their preferred restaurant have thrilled your human consumers. Sometimes they are moved by what they do, and they bring food for the wandering dogs.

Gerardo told The Dodo in his conversation that.

“In my opinion, they are the best customers. Thankfully, dogs seem to be well-liked by our customers. They show them love and respect.

It doesn’t look like a stray dog, Does it?

Gerard promises:

They don’t give us money; instead, they reward us with smiles and wagging tails. They are grateful, and we value giving over receiving. Since I was a small child, I have always had a fascination with animals. My mother taught us the value of helping others, including both people and animals. I look up to her as a role model.

Restaurant owner Gerardo holding the food that he prepares for the homeless dogs.

This kind man explains to us that a good deed could affect an animal’s life. Their lives matter, as evidenced by his actions, which Gerardo is happy to show off every day with his meals.

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  1. We got a rescued dog yrs ago and it took awhile for it to be petted, but now sits or lays at our garage door guarding us. Our nephew gave us his dog when he had to move.

    1. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story! I thank God for the blessing of such tender, kind hearted folks as Mr Gerardo…..People that are so caring and giving truly make this world a better place for all of us, people and animals. Thank you again for touching my heart and making my spirit smile……

  2. Thank you for your kindness and it’s good to know there’s still angels out there prayers to you and your family 🤗

  3. I wish more people would take care of strays. What a beautiful thing to do. I read that the many strays in Istanbul (and there are a lot!) are often fed by shopkeepers or given bowls of water.

  4. Thank u so much for your kindness and generosity! You r an absolute blessing to these poor souls who r homeless with no one to love them. U r their Angel on earth❣️Hoping many blessings will come yr way to u and yr family and the beautiful dogs you so lovingly care for!

  5. My son David & his girlfriend have two cats of their own. There are stray cats that come to their door; they allow them to come inside the house, eat and rest for awhile. The strays let them know when they want to leave, they won’t stay in their apartment. They come to their door every day. We are a cat family. My cat passed away over six months ago, my granddaughter has two cats and a dog, my other granddaughter has a dog (you can see pictures of “Ivy” in facebook, beautiful, black Lab who’s owner, her husband Justin, is training Ivy to hunt), and a cat. My other son has a dog. We love animals and take care of them.

  6. The dog with the coat on maybe homeless now and he pops around with the hope you’ll remove it to free him up it must be hot to wear on very hot days and in fact dogs in the wild don’t wear coats…..just a thought

  7. What a wonderful man to give those poor dogs food. This just melted my heart when I read this. I love dogs and we have a rescue dog that was left in the ditch on our dirt road along with his dog house. He is almost 10 years old and has been the sweetest dog ever.

  8. Gerardo is A Saint amongst us mere mortals. Blessings upon U, for U do Gods Work and tend to the needs of one of His Magnificent Creations. God gave Us His Children much Bounty in His Garden of Eden and Most of Us have let Him Down.

  9. You are an amazing and blessed soul. Your kindness to God’s creatures melts my heart. I have to believe they love and appreciate you more than they could ever convey. God bless and keep you always!

  10. Hi
    I am a poet from the UK I write about loss and so much more. I wondered if you would be interested in seeing in the view to putting it on your page if you like my poem. I feel many would relate to eat and comfort those who have lost

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