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A Sad Dog Walks 125 Miles With Tears: Owner Abandoned Her

How sad do we feel when we lose the people we love? We won’t be able to bear it, right? The same goes with animals too. But the sad thing is, most of us. So-called humans don’t care about the animal’s love towards us. That’s why we abandon them,

Dogs have an extraordinarily strong bond with the people they love and have unconditional love for humans.

Because of this, it’s vital to evaluate your readiness before adopting a dog. Your dog will be heartbroken if you “change your mind” and decide to get rid of it because it won’t know why you no longer love it.

A devoted dog in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, is currently making headlines for having traveled 125 miles “with tears in her eyes” in an effort to find her owners who had abandoned her.

Who Is Maru, And What Happened To This Noble Bullmastiff Dog?
Maru is a stunning Russian Bull Mastiff who was born in Novosibirsk.

She was looked after by Alla Morozova, and she and her parents spent their early years at a kennel. Maru was cared for by Morozova for many happy months, and she is a reliable and caring breeder who is entirely devoted to her puppies and is serious about their welfare.

When people adopt a dog, it is required that they let me know if they can no longer keep it since I never give up my dogs, Alla said.

Maru moved away from her childhood home to live with a family in Krasnoyarsk when she was just five months old. Maru was delighted to begin a life with her new mommy and daddy, even though her new home was about 400 miles away.

Maru adapted to her new home quickly and formed a close relationship with her adoptive parents. She thought they felt the same way about her since she loved them with every fiber of her tiny being. Sadly, she was mistaken.

This Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes.
After six months, the owner contacted the kennel to let them know she no longer wanted Maru since she was “allergic.”

image Credits: Siberian Times

After six months of staying with the couple, everything changed abruptly. After making the decision to leave Maru, the couple contacted Morozova to inform her of their decision. Morozova doesn’t just stop taking care of her puppies after they leave her house because she genuinely loves all of them.

When the couple called Morozova, she requested that they return Maru to Novosibirsk.

The couple decided to send Maru back by train alone because they did not feel like making the trip. A man who had been hired to travel with Maru to Novosibirsk was the only person she shared the train with.

Maru had no idea where her family was and was extremely unhappy, stressed out, and afraid. Maru panicked as the train brought her farther and farther away from the family she loved so dearly. She couldn’t believe they had left her voluntarily.

“The conductor nearly was knocked over by the dog as it leaped on the compartment door and kicked the doorknob to open it. She leaped out like a bullet, “The Siberian Times was informed by Morozova. She “jumped out into the night” when the platform door opened.

The owners were made aware of Maru’s disappearance, but Morozova was advised that they had no interest in her and would not be searching for her.

They weren’t even upset, she said. “That made me angry. The owners were not at all disturbed, saying things like, “Well, the dog is missing, and that’s okay.” That was their response, “Added Morozova. Their burden was lifted when they gave away the dog.

Morozova began her search for Maru.

image Credits: Siberian Times

After more than 48 hours, the dog was discovered near her old house, searching for her owners.

Maru looked like she had been crying when she was discovered and was in poor condition.

“She wanted to go back to where she lived, not to Novosibirsk. She made the proper decision, which is astonishing, “said she.

When the dog was discovered, she seemed to be “in tears.”She had traveled across 125 miles of untamed territory while cautiously following the Trans-Siberian Train, the longest railway track in the world.

Fortunately, no wolves nor bears ate her, Alla said to The Siberian Times.

image Credits: Siberian Times

Maru is now receiving care for her wounds.

Please, if you can’t care for a dog, don’t adopt them. Even if you don’t want to care for them, take them somewhere safe rather than just abandoning.

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  1. These are all truly awesome stories. I hope These dogs are still at their forever homes because they deserve them so.much. How could someone do that to their furbaby? I have 4 dogs and 3 cats and they are loved. Such sad stories.

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