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The Loyal Dog Spent More Than 11 Hours In The Water Searching For His Owner And Finally Saved Him

You might be wondering if dogs are more loyal than other animals. The fact is that dogs are pack animals and will follow whoever they believe to be their leader. Therefore, all dog breeds are capable of being loyal, even though some may appear to be more affectionate or eager to please their pet parent than others. So, if you really want to know if dogs are loyal, just take a look at the story that I am going to share with you today.

A Story Of A Loyal Dog And A Fisherman

A wet suit, tackle box, and other things from a capsized boat were found near Heidi, a fisherman’s dog, drifting in Moreton Bay, Australia, on Thursday morning around 6 a.m.
He noticed a dog trying to swim to the shore and struggling. Next to the dog, he saw a box of cufflinks, and off in the distance, he could make out a water suit.

The man-made the quick decision to jump to the dog’s help, pull it from the water, and bring it to the land. Then, after telling the coast guard all that had occurred, he dialed for help right away.

image credits: al-arifi1.blogspot

It was then obvious that the boat had toppled. Immediately, a rescue team was dispatched. The dog was whining nonstop and trying to get into the water all this time.

As a result, the search was carried out for several hours, leading to the rescue of a man. Because of the amazing dog, his owner was saved. This truly was a miracle.

image credits: al-arifi1.blogspot

Later, the man stated that everything occurred because he immediately lost control of the ship, and as a result of the unexpected movement, both he and the dog suddenly fall in the water, although in opposing directions.

The dog was discovered swimming in the water for over 12 hours in search of his father.

Why Are Dogs Loyal?

Your dog’s loyalty is undeniably one of its most distinctive characteristics. This unwavering loyalty, which is often used as an illustration of what humans can learn from dogs, may be overpowering and humbling.

Apart from lessons learned in life, where does your dog’s loyalty originally come from? The fact that you care for them, play with them, and have a strong sense of affection for them is true, but does that adequately convey the depth of your feelings toward them?

Your providing your dog with food and shelter is the most straightforward explanation for their loyalty. Your dog is devoted to you because you give him the basics of existence, for which he is thankful.

Because domestic dogs are descended from wolves that man previously domesticated by providing them with food and shelter in exchange for their service as guard dogs, there is scientific support for this claim. Your dog’s devotion is a byproduct of this reciprocal bond, which is still inherited from their ancestors.

Naturally, this would imply that devoted dogs admire anyone who gives them food. This is also generally accurate because dogs do develop stronger attachments to the family person who provides them with food. There are other reasons as well, though.

Dogs Are Pack Animals
Like other pack animals, dogs yearn to be a part of one. In that regard, they resemble people greatly. Just as it is true that no man is an island, the same is true with dogs. Your family is their pack, and your devoted dog has taken you in as their own.

A pack needs its members to be loyal. A pack’s members must work together to overcome obstacles if they are to thrive in the wild. Surviving naturally entails developing trust, working together, and prioritizing the needs of the pack. It would explain why dogs frequently endanger their own lives to defend their owners because their pack instincts demand it of them.

This, however, does not cover all the bases. In spite of the fact that you haven’t been giving your dog food during that period, they still like you when you get back after a lengthy trip.

What about Hachiko, the devoted dog who used to wait for his owner at the railway station after work every day and did so for nine years after he passed away? That cannot be explained by either pack instincts or reciprocal bonds. But some other reasons exist.

Dogs are our angels, who were made to guard us and saturate our lives with their steadfast loyalty.

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