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Golden Retriever Found Swimming Along Shoreline After Being Missing For 16 Days

Don’t scroll by without showing him some love, please! You are an extremely attractive baby. I’m very happy you were discovered to be safe, and I love you, dear.

Tuesday morning, around seven o’clock, New Jersey State Police Troopers Ryan Koehler and Vincent Ferdinandi received an unexpected call: a golden retriever had been sighted swimming in Barnegat Bay on the Jersey Shore and required rescue.

To get to the dog, which was about 75 yards from the coast, the officers jumped into a 22-foot Zodiac boat, according to Ferdinandi. A rope line was used to pull the dog onto a bridge behind a house after they gently guided him there.

According to Ferdinandi, “He was quite exhausted.” “Definitely famished and malnourished.”

According to Ferdinandi, Chunk, 3, was playing fetch with owners Marie and James Zangara on June 6 when he reportedly became frightened and ran off into the woods.

Using social media, neighborhood police departments, baited traps, dog hunters, and trail cameras, a search campaign has been carried out since Chunk vanished from his house on Sunday, claims the trooper.

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Then, early on Tuesday morning, Chunk was sighted by two joggers on the Mantoloking Bridge; however, Ferdinandi claims that when they tried to retrieve him, Chunk jumped into the water. By the time he was saved, he had swum about two miles across the water.

According to Ferdinandi, “To watch the sigh of relief that a member of their family was back was unbelievable, and the dog was glad to see his family as well.”

Since he owns a rescue Lab/Shepherd mix, Koehler, a trooper for 16 years, is aware of how terrible it would be to have a dog go missing for more than two weeks. He adds, “I totally get that.

In addition, Ferdinandi says, “We’re just pleased that the dog and the owners could be reunited.”

FB Post

The excellent news was revealed by the New Jersey State Police early on Tuesday in a post on their Facebook page that has received more than 6,000 shares.

Chunk was swimming near the Mantoloking Bridge when troopers Koehler and Ferdinandi arrived on the scene in a boat. They managed to get Chunk to shore safely, the State Police reported in the Facebook post.

Image Credits : al-arifi1 blogspot

For more than two weeks, Chunk, a three-year-old, was reported missing,” the message says. It should go without saying that he was delighted to be reunited with his appreciative owners.

Losing a dog is painful as losing someone we love. So it’s better to take precautions than cry after losing the dogs. Here are some tips to protect your dog.

Tips To Make Sure You Won’t Lose Your Dog
Purchase a reliable leash that is strong, secure, and comfy. You should think about the leash’s longevity as well as the size of your dog when choosing the item because even a tiny animal could turn out to be more powerful than you anticipated and display unexpected behavior.

Teach your dog the necessary orders so that it can obey them without hesitation. Come on over! Sit here. You can choose other orders, but following those two can help save your dog’s life.

Bear in mind that when dogs are afraid, they will flee. They are frequently startled by loud, unexpected noises like gunshots, explosions, and thunder.

When their predatory instincts are triggered, dogs likewise want to flee. If you have a hunting dog or terrier, put it on a leash somewhere. It would be tempting for it to run off after something, like in the country or around smaller animals.

When a dog is in heat, they become unpredictable, even the calmest, most obedient ones. It might stop responding to commands and make an effort to flee. If you don’t want any puppies, have your dog spayed or neutered in order to prevent issues. Alternatively, during certain periods, walk your dog on a short leash.

If you have a pet and let it out into the yard when you live in a house, only do so when you can watch it. When you travel, leave your pet at home with a sitter or at a pet hotel where it will be cared for by knowledgeable staff.

Get your dog used to the vehicle to get him ready for the journey. Any factor, like the sound of the engine, unfamiliar odors, or the windshield wipers, can frighten a dog that has never been in a car before.

Hope this article helped you to protect your dog from running away. Share this post so someone can benefit too.

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