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Two Frightened Pit Bulls Are Rescued By Police From The Street, And They Refuse To Leave Them Alone Until Help Arrives

We can only imagine that Patrick Hennesy was eager to go home and warm up in bed as quickly as possible as he was driving home in the chilly at 4.30 in the morning.

But he didn’t think twice about stopping and helping two terrified puppies that he saw in need.

Hennesy noticed two pit dogs cuddling up next to one other along the side of the road and understood they were hurt and in need of help right away.

The injured dog was bleeding.  Photo Credits – Orange County Sheriff’s office

The man dialed the Orange County Sheriff’s Office right away, and two policemen soon arrived on the spot. Blood was all over the ground, and the scared and injured puppies were weeping gently.

The police helped the innocent dogs. Photo Credits – Orange County Sheriff’s office

Both puppies licked and rubbed against the cops when they approached the stray dogs as if to express their gratitude.

They seemed to understand that the officers were there to support them.

A Policeman taking care of the injured puppy. Photo Credits – Orange County Sheriff’s office

The strays’ bleeding heavily was quickly identified by the authorities as the source of the blood spatter on the ground.

After determining that the stray must have been hit by a car, the officers quickly took action to stop the bleeding.

The Orange County Animal Services instructed the cops to watch the puppies until they could arrive and take over while the other officer called for help and applied gauze and pressure to the stray’s injuries.

Looks like the dog loves the man who saved her. Photo Credits – Orange County Sheriff’s office

The cops did everything they could to console the shivering and cold puppies as they waited for help, including giving them hugs to warm them up.

The two pups in need could not be abandoned, despite the fact that they were both cold and exhausted.

Looks like the dog loves the man who saved her. Photo Credits – Orange County Sheriff’s office

They were taken into care when animal services finally arrived on the scene.

Both pit bulls were nothing but joyful, loving, and appreciative when they were brought to the shelter as a result of the police officers’ kindness and patience with the two puppies, who had become less frightened as a result.

Thanks to the kind hearted people who saved them, the dogs are healthy and fine now.Photo Credits – Orange County Sheriff’s office

The shelter staff members gave the two puppies the names Liberty and Justice, so much joy and happiness that they hoped the gorgeous duo would soon find their ideal forever family.

The police officers came on a visit to check the puppies. How cute is that ?
Photo Credits – Orange County Sheriff’s office

After they had settled in at the shelter, the police who had kept them both safe and secure were allowed to visit them. We are thrilled to discover that Liberty and Justice now appear to be the happiest puppies in the world.

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  1. You see world animals especially Pit Bulls are loving animals. Please stiffen the penalty of dog fighting using pitbulls. Thanks to those officers with a heart. May God protect you from danger your entire life.

  2. And liberals are trying to defund the police … Shame on that cause‼️
    Good work, men, among your other many tasks with our gratitude!

  3. May God bless the police officers who rescued & comforted the two pitbulls. Let us continue to provide support for our law enforcement.

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