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Firefighters And A Brave Dog Work Together To Rescue Her Pups From The Drain Hole

One mama dog is proof positive that not all heroes wear capes. She used the firemen’ assistance to bravely rescue her puppies that had become stuck in the drainage ditch.

The incident happened in the Turkish province of Mugla’s Bodrum town. When a villager by the name of Erhan Erol noticed the puppies trapped in the hole, he contacted the firefighters. Seawater began to gradually fill the hole.

When the firefighters arrived, their first action was to stop the water from rising. Next, they made an effort to get the puppies so they could remove them. They tried to save the puppies, but it was impossible.

Firefighters working hard to save the puppies
Photo Credits – Doğan News

They looked around because they felt helpless. They observed a mother nursing another puppy close by. The puppy had the same appearance as the other puppies who were also stuffed in the hole. They asked help from the mother dog as a result.

They made the decision to lift the mother dog and lower her into the hole. She was free to choose which of her babies she wanted as they scooped up the mother dog and lowered her into the hole.

Firefighters bringing the mommy dog for help
Photo Credits – Doğan News

She carefully took each puppy into her mouth one at a time, pulling them to safety. The courageous mother’s assistance in helping the firefighters in removing the puppies was also captured on camera.

Mother taking the puppies outside from the hold one by one
Photo Credits – Doğan News

Many people gathered to observe the action. Every time the mother raised a puppy to safety, the crowd clapped in appreciation. The rescue operation went on for an hour.

The puppies were removed from the drain hole and brought outside within one hour, where they were all kept secure. Their mother had welcomed them back, and they were nursing close to her.

The mother dog and the firefighters truly performed a heroic action by saving the puppies’ lives. The locals praised them as heroes.

Without the mother dog’s cooperation, they would not have been able to rescue the 8 puppies from the drain.


Thankfully, it was a brilliant idea because all of the puppies were saved within an hour!

Click this video to watch the incident.


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