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Firefighters Save A Dog Tossed Into A Dam By Its Owners And Help It Find A New Home

Grace was thrown into a dam by her former owners and became stuck there, afraid and in danger. Fortunately, rescue arrived quickly, and the poor, sweet puppy now has a new home.

The suffering that some animals endure at the hands of cruel owners is awful, but happily, there are also people who are ready to save them and provide them with a better life.

That was the case for one dog, who was rescued by firefighters after becoming stuck in a levee after being abandoned by his owners. Thankfully, the dog has now found a new family.

The white dog was in the Lake Wister Dam in LeFlore County, standing on a level piece of concrete but surrounded by rushing water and in danger of being washed away by the torrent, according to 5 News Online.

One of the first on the scene was Madison Renee and her family, who were worried about the dog but unable to get down to rescue her. When we arrived, it appeared that there was no way to go down to her, Madison said to 5 News. “We all gathered around to watch her pass and adjust to the current in the hopes that she wouldn’t be swept under.”

They also came to the conclusion that the poor dog had most likely been deliberately thrown over because that was the only way it could have ended up there.

Photo credits – Facebook

Thankfully, however, rescue arrived quickly. Donations were made to make a deliverance by members of the Wister Fire Department. After asking for the levee to be temporarily closed, they arrived by boat and were able to use a rope to reach the dog.

When they first arrived, volunteer firefighter Aaron Capell claims the dog was “spooked” and “skittish,” but she soon warmed up to them. “I chatted to her and eventually, she let me touch her,” he told 5 News.

Following the life-saving rescue, the dog, now known as Grace, was brought to the Poteau Valley Humane Society.

Thankfully, the canine’s tale quickly has a happy conclusion. According to a report from 5 News, James and Paula Watson, who live in Charleston, Arkansas, saw the story on television and reportedly “fell in love” with Grace.

Photo credits – Facebook

It turns out that one of the couple’s deliverance dogs had failed only three weeks earlier. When they saw the abandoned dog on television, they realized it was meant to be, and they could provide Grace with a loving home.

They were able to leave Grace for good after paying a visit to her at the Poteau Valley Humane Society and realizing their love was genuine.

Nothing compares to receiving a bear hug from a large dog, Paula told 5News. If you’ve ever been hugged by a large dog, however, you’ll understand what I mean.

When that dog is the proper one, you get a certain expression. She also had that expression.

We are so happy that Grace has found a wonderful, loving home. Given everything she has gone through, she deserves it.

I want to thank everyone who helped bring this gorgeous dog into the world. Please spread the word about this wonderful news!

Check out this video for more information.

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  1. Grace resembles our white husky that came from a shelter, but had previously been abused.
    Her adopters are well rewarded with a new family member.

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