Story of a Two-Legged Dog That Was Kicked Out Of The House By Her Merciless Owner As She Is Disable

The main character of this story is a two-legged dog. She was called “Faith”. Now she has become a symbol of heroic endeavors.

Why was she introduced as a two-legged dog?
It is because Faith did not have front legs. She was born with only two legs.

But the saddest thing was her mother abandoned her at the time of her birth.

Little puppy “Faith” was born on Christmas Eve 2002 in the United States. The dog had three legs, but one was entirely useless, and two were fully developed.

This might be the reason for the mother dog’s refusal to give milk to her.

Mrs. Jude’s son brought this small puppy to his home.

Her owner Jude Stringfellow adopted Faith after being refused by Faith’s mother.

So Jude Stringfellow felt sorrow for this little puppy. He did not mind throwing her out. So, what he did was he started to care for the little puppy. That is because the puppy’s health was not good.
Many people, including veterinarians, advised that Faith be euthanized.

Jude Stringfellow and her mother cared for the little puppy well. They gave more love, attention, and protection. The small puppy got conscious after that, although she was still quite feeble.

Everyone feared the poor puppy would perish.

As a result, all, including Jude Stringfellow, started to love this unfortunate small puppy.

Mrs. Jude put a name for this little puppy, “Faith”.

Credit: Androdass

Mrs. Jude always prayed for Faith. She helped her to walk. For that Mrs. Jude built a skateboard. But Faith was afraid of that at first.

However, Mrs. Jude and her family gave more support to walk Faith. Although Faith spent more months getting familiar with skateboarding, it finally gave new life to her. As a result, she began to walk on her own.
In addition to that, Mrs. Jude used jumping exercises to encourage Faith to stand erect.

After so many strenuous efforts, Faith could stand on her two legs. Her favorite place is a park. Usually, she goes there with her owner. At that time, everyone looks at Faith. They are worried after seeing the dog with two legs. So she was famous among the people.

So people started to write about her. Consequently, there are so many articles and TV programs about Faith.

Everyone loves Faith.

Faith even gets her own book, “With a Little Faith.”

Credit: Androdass

Faith later became a “healing psychologist”, to people who were affected by war and patients who suffered from serious health problems. She visited more than 2,300 wounded warriors in hospitals and wards worldwide and was seen by more than 2,000,000 active soldiers at bases, airports, and ceremonies.

And also, Faith participated in kids’ reading programs because she was a good listener.

Faith became an inspiration to millions and a therapist for several of her patients.

Finally, Miss Jude Stringfellow chose to resign her position as a teacher and travel the world with Faith. She said that “Even if you do not have a great physique, remember you can still have a wonderful soul”.
Her death happened in September 2014.

Credit: Androdass

What can we get from this story?

The two-legged dog was so inspiring. Faith was a miracle dog. Even though you do not complete yourself, do not worry; you can win your life whatever you have. We all are not complete; we all have missing things. The most powerful thing is your mind. Train your mind to win life, not to fail anywhere. Love can help to live a person or die a person.
Faith kept more things to think of us.

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  1. From this story i read,all is about LOVE,FAITH AND DO NOT GIVE UP.its a nice story and i loves it.thank you and may God bless all of you abundantly and greatly.

  2. What a truly beautiful story about the Power of Love and Having Faith in someone.. and Never giving up on That Someone.. Thats what kept Faith alive and gave her the strength she had to not only go on to live but also it gave her the courage to become what an amazing Dog that she became. And the compassion they gave to Faith, Faith developed that same compassion to spend her life in helping others overcome their own fears and disabilities.. if ONLY More human could give Other human THIS KIND of compassion and love just think of what a Truly Wonderful World this Would Be. ❤️

  3. I love this story.. it speaks to my own heart.. I am disabled and struggle to get the strenth a lot of times just to get out of bed.. Sadly I don’t have someone in my corner to love me unconditionally and have Faith in me and support and encourage me to go on.. I get my Faith in God.. who I know is always standing beside me each and every day.. but.. it really would be nice to have a “Human” around to give me a Hug when I’m Down or give me courage when I’m having a hard day.. or give me a GOOD JOB.. to help make me proud of myself when I do overcome obstacles.. I will keep this beautiful story of Faith.. to go back to to re-read whenever I’m am struggling or down.. God Bless Faith.. I know in my heart and I truly without a doubt believe that God has a very Special place for Dogs like Faith.. xoxo

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