Doggy Gives Free Love And Hugs To New Yorkers!

Of course, we can write plenty of articles about dogs because many of us are closer to them and have strong bonds and beautiful and saddest memories.

Make sure at least half of you who will read this article are dog lovers.

Sometimes this may be your story with your loving doggy.

Dogs, especially the breed “golden retriever,” have more sense of what they meet. They expect more love, attention, and care from their owners or masters; not only that, they do not forget to offer what they received in double back to their owners.

We will share about such an angel who lives in Chelsea, New York City. She is famous among New Yorkers as a “hugging dog “. Her name is “Louboutina.”

She belongs to the breed, Golden retriever. 

Louboutina was the most significant birthday gift her owner, Fernandez-Chavez, got from her best friend, Daphne. It meant a lot to her. 

Why is Louboutina called a “hugging dog”? 

Often she used to walk in the street with her master daily. While walking, she meets many people and other pets. When she shows others, he tries to hug them. Sometimes she may wait for love from them, or she gives love and more joy to them. 

What a great role she plays!

Hugging dog, you are a great gift God sent to this world. 

When she shows people coming toward her, she feels happier and warmly welcomes them by keeping her paws and standing, giving a hug, and shaking hands. 

How significant is her role?

It brings tears to the eyes. 

Actually, some animals are smart and more obedient than humans. 

Do you agree?

Her owner, 45-year-old Fernandez-Chavez, said that people who met this lovely doggy say they feel more comfortable when they stay with her and happier on their day. 

So, people wanted to come to see this amazing doggy. 

Louboutina has the ability to attract people to her quickly. 

She can wrap her paws around people’s legs and make a kind smile on her face. She likes to please people.

Credits : androdass

Look at this picture please? 

She is ready to give warm hugs. 

Five years old, Louboutina’s doggy hug became world-famous.

The first time she hugged me was in February 2014, a few days before valentine’s day. Before that, she was not a hugger. From that onwards, she started to do this for others too.  

Louboutina is pleasant and gives unconditional love. She spends a maximum of two hours in the street, hugs people, and makes them happy.

Now you may think, why cannot I meet this beautiful walking heaven? 

So, there is one option, you can find her via Instagram. 

Wonder is 145K+ followers following her Instagram account. It proves how much people give unconditional love to Louboutina throughout the world. Now she has become a rising star on social media. 

People visit to meet her where she is. They take selfies with her, talking and sharing their thoughts. For that, people patiently wait for their turns to meet and get a hug from Louboutina.

All comments, she is more adorable in person. 

If you walk in New York City and meet a Golden Retriever, indeed, it is this dog! 

Do not forget to get a hug from her.

Now she is a big fan of New Yorkers!


Louboutina is not only a love bug but also she is a therapy dog in New York City.

Credits : androdass

Louboutina makes a name for herself because of the hug.

Credits : androdass

Louboutina with his owner, Fernandez-Chavez

Credits : androdass

Loubie is standing upright on the street.

Credits : androdass

She is not only friendly to humans but also to other doggies.

Credits : androdass

Louboutina is holding hands with her fans. 


It seems to be that this world is a crazy place right now. We all should salute this beautiful angel, Louboutina, who shares a big message with the world. 

We should create a better place for them because we are responsible for the mess we make.

Louboutina, our angel, you will be in our hearts and our memories forever. We all do love you, “hugging dog”!

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  1. Beautiful hugs produce a chemical in the brain, “feel good hormone” research now shows people with pets and people that hug once per day live longer (extra 5 years longer) good work Louboutina

  2. Nice dog In ny of all places the fucking people don’t even respect themselves or others…maybe you people should be more like the dog!

  3. Nice dog…In ny of all places… the effing people don’t even respect themselves or others…maybe you people should be more like the dog!

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