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Brave Men Risked Their Lives To Prevent The Drowning Of A Baby Giraffe

There are some locations on Earth where people still know exactly how to live with those amazing creatures, despite the fact that there are many animals on the verge of extinction and an ever-growing list of endangered species.

A unique connection based on caring, respect, and trust. And people are aware that they must protect helpless animals whenever they are in need. Another example is this baby giraffe who was saved from drowning in Kenya.

Some people are good at living with amazing wild animals and providing help when necessary.

In Kenya’s Uaso Nyiro River, a young giraffe became trapped for unclear reasons. Additionally, there are a lot of crocodiles in this swiftly flowing river, as if the situation for the hapless critter wasn’t already difficult enough due to the powerful currents. Thus, it appeared as though the young child’s fate was set. In spite of this, rescue came from the least expected place.

The giraffe was trapped and two men are helping her with it [image credits : natureknows.org]

The frightened giraffe was heard by a group of wildlife rangers and residents, who hurried to rescue her. The cat was saved after a couple of hours, thanks to the bravery and kindness of these gentlemen. Thankfully, one of these kind folks posted some pictures of the rescue online, allowing people to express their gratitude.

A person said, “Marvelous rescue mission, kudos excellent friend of Samburu wildlife Mr Baba Sue and colleagues.” And yet another said, “Wow! What a brave and passionate display for animals, our priceless legacy.

The brave people of Kenya finally were able to save the baby giraffe. A happy moment for all [image credits : natureknows.org]

Some giraffe species have recently been listed as endangered by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN). The Masai giraffe is one of them. Over the past three decades, the population of this subspecies, which roams the territories of Kenya and Tanzania, has decreased to just 35,000 individuals.

Like the people of Kenya, we should also be ready to help innocent animals whenever we can. We have to protect them without going extinct. It’s the responsibility of all of us.

Are Giraffes Dangerous To Humans?

Giraffes are thought to be gentle giants. However, given that giraffes are the tallest land creatures in the world, you may wonder if they are dangerous to people.

Although giraffes are generally calm, their size makes them potentially threatening to people. Giraffes can grow up to 18feet tall, and their powerful leg kicks can kill any would-be predators. Giraffes, on the other hand, are not predators and only engage in aggression when necessary, such as to defend themselves or their young

Like any other wild animal, giraffes may strike in self-defense if they sense danger in their environment.

However, when threatened by a different predator or a person in their ecosystem, giraffes tend to avoid conflicts. Running away from the danger is always an option because these creatures may travel at speeds of 35 mph.

A kind woman feeding two giraffes [image credits : natureknows.org]

Giraffes will, however, defend themselves and engage in combat with their enemies if peace is not an option.Unless they or their young are in danger, giraffes rarely show aggression. Giraffes use their muscular legs to kick and tramp at their attackers when they are becoming aggressive. The breeding season is when male giraffes are most violent against one another, though.

Males frequently engage in physical conflict with one another in order to uphold dominance or mate rights.Giraffes attack one other with their heads and necks, a technique known as “necking,” to inflict severe damage.However, most of the time, one of the males flees and admits defeat before the combat is through.

Watch this video for more information.

That’s all for today. Hope you have read a nice story about giraffes and gained some knowledge. See you in the next post. Don’t forget to share this beautiful story.

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