The Owner Was Caught On Camera Dragging The Dog Through The Flooded Streets

Most people prefer to stay indoors when a street is flooded. But for Bo, getting on his boogie board and paddling across the water is simple.

Peter Rosen tried teaching his dog Bo to surf a little over a year ago after a major storm turned the streets of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, into a riverbed. Rosen hoped that Bo would remember how to surf when the street recently flooded once more.

Photo Credits – PETER ROSEN

According to Rosen, who spoke to The Dodo, he remembered the board as soon as it was pulled out and hopped right on.

Rosen and Bo were getting ready to surf the waves when Rachel Frank, a neighbor, saw them while trying to walk her dog through the flooded pavement. When she got back from her walk, the couple had already started hanging ten all over the street.

According to Frank, “I couldn’t stop laughing and filming.” “I had my dog with me, and she was just itching to go in and play, too.”

When Rosen first attempted to teach Bo to surf, the little south Florida waves weren’t quite powerful enough to move the board.

Photo Credits – PETER ROSEN

Rosen quickly realized that the flooded streets would be a better fit for Bo’s skills. He pulled Bo through the water by hand to start educating him. Bo managed to regain balance gradually. The electric bike was eventually added.

Rosen said, “He’s got some talent.

Bo, who was adopted about 3 years ago after Rosen discovered him in the Cayman Islands, would be happy to do anything to be closer to Rosen. Bo’s original owner was no longer able to care for him when Rosen and his husband came upon him while on vacation. Bo fit in perfectly when they took him on a hike around the island. Their adventures have continued ever since, and Bo was soon given legal adoption.

Photo Credits – PETER ROSEN

Bo has other unusual ways of getting about besides surfing. He frequently appears either tucked away in a papoose as Rosen skateboards or riding in the sidecar of Rosen’s Vespa.

He really supports anything I want to accomplish, Rosen said. He only desires my company.

Do Dogs Actually Enjoy Surfing?

Photo Credits – Loews Hotels

Dogs may or may not enjoy surfing, but it’s difficult to say with absolute certainty. These pets won’t have the choice to turn down time with their owners.

For instance, elderly companions could carry on running even if it hurts. Surfing operates in a similar manner. Even if they don’t like riding waves, some dogs could surf for their owners. You shouldn’t attempt such a sport with any kind of dog for that reason.

Not all dogs or people are good candidates for surfing. There are many people who dislike surfing because they dislike the water and for a variety of other reasons as well. Some dogs won’t be allowed to participate in water or board sports, just like people!

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  1. They say dogs have no feelings. I have more love from my three would be lost without them. It is very important to have your dogs micro chipped.

    1. My pets are spayed & microchipped.
      Only good thing to microchipping your cat or dog is if they get out and can’t find thier way back home anyone who may pick them up & take them to a vet to be scanned to see if they are microchipped the owner can be located, the other good thing about the microchip is if your pet is stolen from your yard you can only hope the person takes your pet for vaccines and they are checked for a microchip the owner can be notified thier pet has been located, but other than the lost/stolen scenarios the microchip really isn’t helpful.
      I still believe in the microchip because I will eventually be found.
      A friend of mine went 11 mos before getting reunited with his dog. The person who had him nothing was done to them leagally.

  2. Anybody hope steals a dog should be treated as a human kidnapper and treated accordingly. I am a dog lover and always will be and I believe even the roughest of dogs can be trained and become a lovable pets with some work everybody should have your pets chipped and might be the only way to save them from something terrible so get them chipped today you’re working saving a life!

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