Homeless Dog rescued a Woman who was in a car accident!

Hey, we are going to have a chat with the lady who faced a severe car accident.

This is her story. She recalled and shared her day and how she met and saved her life from that severe car accident.

Please hurry up and read her amazing story. Indeed, you will be shocked at the end.

The leading role of this story was a woman, Shannon Lorio, and a homeless dog. She expressed her unforgettable experiences with fear and tears.

Have a look!

Shannon started to drive her car alone through the winding rural roads of Georgia. She could not control her vehicle at one point, and it fell 100ft away from the road. It was a big hell. Her car got damaged, and her body plummeted away from the road. 

Can you imagine it?

She nearly died in a car crash. At that time, her life was severe, and nobody wasn’t there to help her because it was a rural area. 

Shannon could not be able to stand because of injury. Shannon suffered severe head trauma on impact. Even she cannot open her mouth to ask for help from someone. She just laid down. 

Luckily, the Dog roaming nearby in a car accident showed her and came to her. 

This Dog was a homeless German Shepherd. He came near to her lifeless body and started to sense. 

The Dog realized this person needed his help. 

So immediately, within the next few minutes, the Dog took action to save her life. Probably he might have searched for a person to ask for help, but he wasn’t able. Therefore he decided to drag the body.

credit – lolitopia

What he did to save her life was the Dog started to drag her lifeless body until she found a man who could help her. 

This Dog dragged her 100ft to find help. At last one motorist found her body lying on the side of the road!. With the help of that man and homeless Dog, Shannon was able to survive her life on that day. When Shannon woke up, she was in a hospital. She got to know everything from them. After being discharged from the hospital what she did was,

She looked for the Dog, who single-handedly saved her from sure death. 

Then Shannon wanted to find a dog who saved her life. So, she started to search. Finally, she met a dog who helped and announced him as a “Hero.”

credit – lolitopia

Do you want to know what has happened to this dog after that?

After this incident, this dog became a hero!. Many people started to love him. As a result, he was able to find a master.

Who was that kind hearted man?. He was Heidy Drawdy, a dog trainer.

Heidy Drawdy fell in love with this homeless dog. Then Heidy adopted this dog.

Then what did they do? Heidy trained this poor dog to search and rescue dogs. What an amazing life he has!


According to God’s statement, giving another chance to live who will lose their life is a great one. This dog did a great with the help of Heidy on behalf of the society.

Do you like to watch how this doggy handled it? Then click the video below to watch how Hero played the most significant part in Shannon’s tear-jerking survival tale!

Dogs are teaching us a lot. That companion lives with us for a long time because they give pure love and loyalty to the owner. Hope you also have these experiences.


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