Keanu Reeves Makes A Rare Appearance With His GF Alexandra Grant & Appears Happier Than Ever

Keanu Reeves is arguably one of Hollywood’s most humble actors. Everyone loves the actor, and for a good reason—he seems like a nice guy!

Keanu Reeves had been single for a long time. In the past, the actor has experienced significant loss in his personal life. At the age of eight months, his daughter from a relationship with Jennifer Smye died.

Jennifer Smye was involved in an accident not long after and died as well. The actor was greatly affected by it, even though the pair had already broken up.

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Since Jennifer’s passing, the actor has primarily maintained his single status. His feelings of loneliness and desire for a romantic connection have been expressed in interviews.

And now, for the actor, it has finally occurred. Alexandra Grant, an artist, and he are much in love. When they showed up together at the LACMA Art + Film event late last year, the couple finally revealed their relationship to the public. The duo is very quiet about their relationship.

Fans naturally want to learn more about their relationship, which is understandable. It is also logical! Fans of Keanu adore him and wish to see him enjoying life with Alexandra as he does in their company.

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Recently, the couple appeared in public once more. They were seen walking hand in hand down the red carpet at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art Gala.

The duo was conversing with one another on the red carpet, and, judging from their constant smiles and giggles directed at one another, they must have thought the other was quite funny.

Despite being renowned for his gloomy attitude, Keanu Reeves is smiling in this picture with his gorgeous girlfriend, Alexandra Grant. It is wonderful to see the actor beam with genuine happiness.Photo Credits – Getty Images

It is undoubtedly a major deal because the pair rarely makes public appearances together. Even their friends were startled that they were dating because they kept their relationship so private.

“I recall a few years back, roughly a year and a half ago, when [Alexandra] announced that Keanu Reeves was her boyfriend, I was like, “Wait. What? What? What?’ I believed she was a les*bian since she was so cool,” said Jennifer Tilley in an interview.

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The artist Alexandra Grant is a well-known one. In fact, it’s thought that she grew close to the actor through her employment. In 2011, they collaborated on a book, which is considered the period during which they deepened their relationship.

The title of the picture book for adults was “Ode to Happiness.” Grant created the pictures for the book, and Reeves wrote the text.

She is the daughter of two academics and has done some teaching herself. She served as an adjunct lecturer at the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, California, from 2009 to 2011. From 2013 to 2014, she also worked as a mentor at the Pacific Northwest College of Art.

She and Keanu Reeves co-founded the publishing company X Artists’ Books in 2017, specializing in high-caliber works that don’t fall neatly into any particular genre. She is a nice person, by all accounts. And it is clear to see how much of a difference she has made in Keanu Reeves’ life.

It is wonderful to see Keanu Reeves smiling and having a good time. That part of him comes out so beautifully, thanks to Alexandra Grant!

Are you a fan of Keanu Reeves? What’s your favorite movie of him? Please let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to spread the news so that we can hear from more people.

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  1. So happy for him. He deserves to be happy in a good relationship with Alexandra. Best to them. When will they tie the knot!

    1. I first saw Keanu in “Speed” and thought at the time he seemed very special. I have since read many articles regarding his past and recent works, and seen him in interviews, and find that he is even more special than I imagined. His gentleness, kindness, and generosity to those less fortunate even furthers my respect for him. He has learned like many of us that life is more than about money, power, and self, and rather, about giving to others and reaching out in ways that improve humanity. I am eighty years old and will say that I love and respect Keanu over any other big screen star out there. He is a genuinely good, humble and kind man.

      1. You said it all. Well put. He really has a beautiful soul. Such a genuine man… glad that he has finally found a true soul mate. Good 👍 for you Keanu……God knows you deserve it. ☺️

    2. I have so much love and respect for the kind and caring man he is. Im so happy for them.

  2. I was part of the crowd in the stands during the filming of ” The Replacements”. It was a long day but truly a wonderful experience. Keanue Reeves is truly a remarkable young man.

  3. I wrote a story for my daughter years ago on Thanksgiving which was also her birthday. She really liked it & she took it to school to show her teacher. Her teacher had her read it to the class then she was asked to read it for other classes, which she did. I was told that I should get it published,which I think about all the time. I do not know where to start to get a book published,it also needs pictures to go with it,I know how I want the pictures but I am not an artist. I would really like to get this book out there for other people to read but don’t even know where to begin and I don’t want the rights stolen from me. Any ideas what I should do, how do I even get started???

    1. I don’t know what the procedure would look like but if it were me after listening to you about other educators so impressed with what you wrote and having your daughter read it to other classes says a lot.
      I know of a wonderful illustrator who has
      done a number of young peoples books and her pictures/illustrations are magical and have garnered her praise.
      Her name is Susan Guidice and she lives in Los Gatos, California.
      She and her husband are both very talented and can be trusted.
      It might be worth your while to set up a time to meet with her. She is a very dear lady.

    1. I’d do anything to meet Keanu my most favorite movie is The Lake House. My all Time favorite. Keanu. If your reading this please let me know come to my home in the country In Alabama. Kim Brown

      1. Yes I also loved “ The Lake House” which I have watched many times, and I first saw him in “Speed” he is not only brilliant but I believe him to be a gentle, compassionate soul. I wish him all the happiness in the world

  4. My husband, youngest daughter and I met him once at our favorite Italian restaurant in Charlotte NC. He was very kind and gracious to our youngest daughter whom sought an autograph. She was 9 at the time and treasures it now at age 37. We all are huge fans and love all his movies! We are so happy to see him being blessed in his personal life and wish him nothing but happiness! Thank you Keanu for bringing joy into ours that night!

    1. This was a beautiful story. Between the Rudolph the reindeer and then the story about Keanu Reevees life I wish him nothing but the best. Hopefully they have tied the knot in secret.

  5. I am so pleased to read that Keanu has found someone with whom he can share his life! I’m more impressed with his off screen work of saving dogs, helping other humans, and him really being a wonderfully generous person.

  6. My husband and I have always loved Keanu Reeves for many reasons. This gentleman is just wonderful. He is quiet about sharing his life. I am so happy for Alexandra Grant has come into his life. All his movies we have loved. “The Matrix,” my husband Rogers favorite. “ John Wick,” is one of mine. My husband has suffered 2 strokes over the last few years. I run my home and take care of one of the greatest human beings on this earth. A 44 year old man that has some special qualities for a man that has challenges in his life. He loves unconditionally, he doesn’t understand or even able to relate to the cruel side of life, he only knows sunshine and happiness. 44 years old, he thinks about the age of 10. I have been told to meet my son Eric, you will never meet another person like. Now, I found Roger and I were put on this earth to raise this fantastic man. Well, Eric also love Keanu. Why does he love this celebrity only through his movies? I don’t know. For Eric to remember people in his life, you must be special. Knowing this young man and when he remembers your name. You must be a special person Keanu Reeves. On of the many reasons we love you Keanu Reeves. We love you not for only your movies but we know how special you are. While Roger is laid up in a rehab facility and has been for a year, if we put on a movie you have made. We watched “ Speed “ the other night. My very favorite.
    May love and peace with you forever,
    Roger, Debbie and Eric Hansen from Ogden, Utah.😊❤️

    1. So happy to see him happy… he has brought so much entertainment to so many others. He deserves the best life!

      1. How many gaudian angels I have really ? I’m Gemini?? Imm Lovett everyy bitt of ittt.. my name is Eddie.. I have a Birthday coming up tommorow.. You two r really good I wish I was in your shoes.. Great Talent people..

    2. I really liked the movie”Hardball”as it is one of my favorites. I really like Keanu’s work. He is so talented and such a grear person.

  7. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite. I LIKE ALL the movies he’s in!
    Thank you Keanu for being the person you are.

  8. Of course I adore Keanu Reeves after all hes a fellow Canadian!!. I loved him especially in the Devils Advocate with Al Pacino. However I love just seeing him in action in any of his films.


  10. Speed has always been my favorite but I just watched all 3 John Wick movies and loved them. He is a wonderful actor and I admire him.

  11. I loved watching Keanu Reeves in “A Walk in the Clouds”. It was probably one of his earliest films. He was so good in it, no violence in this movie. Believed it was made in Italy??? I think my daughter had seen it too before.

  12. My favorite movies are John Wick series. Don’t get me wrong I also liked The Matrix series also. I don’t think there is anything this man can’t do.

  13. I like all his moves but my favorite are with Sandra Bullock. He radiates goodness, calmness, and openness. I wish he would star with Brendan Fraser or Robert Downey Jr. or some tv series. I like that he also plays “good” people who give hope.

  14. Mr. Reeves
    It’s good to hear tjat your heart has been healing and were able to find someone to love again. We will never for get the ones that left us, moved on to a better place, or went to be with our father in heaven. How ever you may see it. They say you are a humble man, from the words of Lynyrd Skynyrd ( the song simple man) one day you’ll understand . Life goes on so finding someone to love again means you are still living. Be happy in the joy you have found and may it be with you for tje rest of your days and hers. And remember God loves you. Dont know if you know God or not but he knows you and you are not forgotten.

    Truthfully I don’t know why I Wright this to you I usually wouldn’t but something inspired me to. No offence, stay 😎 have a great LIFE.

  15. Yes I am a big fan of Keanu Reeves and the lake house and speed and Matrix are my foumos movies and I love to watch that it’s Super Cool and I adore him for the person who he is I think he is a very special person God Bless him

  16. I’d like to see Keanu clean up, shave, leave mustache, shorten his hair and play a biography of famous a actor like Clark Gable or Errol Flint. He’s currently type cased in his action movies and they are getting old. A Nikola Tesla or Thomas Edison biography might also be a good options.

  17. My favorite Keanu Reeves movie is “The Lake House.” He is so romantic in that movie. I enjoy watching his other movies as well. My son’s favorite movies are the “John Wick” movies. I’m especially drawn to his apparent love of dogs.

  18. My favorite is metrix, speed, John wick all of them. He is an amazing actor and just an amazing person to always give to others just fills my heart with joy. Wish there was more people in in the world like him, I give a lot. But I have to many take now it’s put me in a bad situation. Tyvm Keanu reeves for being an amazing person with such a big heart.

  19. A fan? Yes, of course! Keanu Reeves is the real deal. He sees the best in others and he always helps individuals and is a great example that which everyone should thrive to be. My favorite movie with him will always be “A Walk in the Clouds”❣️ I see him playing his true life character in this movie. He stands up to protect an innocent victim from harm. Putting himself in personal danger and getting in trouble for stepping in and helping. Took his help even further when seeing how distraught this young woman was about returning to her family in her condition. Made her problems, his. Found a very respectful relationship with her elder Grandfather. Then when tragedy struck her family in such a devastating way. His never give up nor give in attitude, always wanting to help others. Coupled with his inquisitive instincts and information gained by the elder Grandfather in their coming to America. He saves their future with the pulling of a simple root from their beginning❣️
    What’s not to love in this beautiful movie of Keanu’s true life character❣️

    1. Keanu Reeves’ kindness, warmth and generosity sound like the true gentleman he is! God bless him with love , kindness and the joy he lost though all that he lost!May God bless him with continued love from his lovely girlfriend!♥️♥️🙏🙏

  20. Happy to see him happy. He appears to be such a wonderful man. I’m happy he has someone to enjoy his life with. She is very beautiful and I am sure she is a lot like him. I like all his movies but my favorite is Lake House. Continued success to such a deserving person.

  21. Occasionally we run across people and we like them. Friends and I are on a site with FB. When Trump ran for “P” we started with PATRIOTS. Just to help.Keanu Reeves posted a note . I had seen several movies so I knew he was an actor. I told him this was pretty much a political page .He said he was an “R”. He occasionally post and is always welcome. I was happy to read that he had a friendship brewing .May you be forever happy.

  22. So happy for both them. My favorite Keanu movie was Sweet November, followed by Point Break. I wish them a long and happy life together.

  23. I have always been a Big Fan of yours Keanu for when u first started Love everything u do all movies & enterviews, ect…….U R just GREAT IN EVERYWAYS, I am so Happy U found real true love & both u r Happy now, I wish U both the very Best life together makes me so Happy to see u Happy cause u sure so Deseve it all really u do……… Love U so much i don’t brag on many men but i sure do u in deed amen BLESS U 2 ALWAYS BE MY FAV…… BE WELL & SAFE U 2……………HAPPINESS FORVER BOTH OF YAS AMENNNNNN XOXOOXOX Linda Lou Boehl from MO……..

  24. I lurve Keana Reeves. All his movies are special but, the one I like the most is “Lake House” He indeed is a generous and special personality On or off screen. He lives to do good. I am so pleased he is in a good place right now. He has had a lot of heart ache to bear in his lifetime.

  25. Sweet November, A Walk In The Clouds, Constantine, 47 Ronin, Point Break and, of course, The Matrix series.

    I’m happy for Keanu that he has found someone. Best wishes to him and Alexandra.

  26. Keanu Reeves, is one of my favorite actors, he is a very humble person. I love all his movies( Lake House) is one of my favorite, I am so glad he found some one to be happy with, I wish him a long and happy life together. Janie Luevano

  27. I am a 71 year old Mississippian who have enjoyed all of Keaun Reeves’ films including “Ted” movies. I adore seeing him run. He appears as though he is not touching earth. I adore his demeanor. I am most impressed with his acting. He rarely makes provocative scenes. I am so happy that he been blessed with someone to share his life. Stay humble, kind, and loving. You are one of my favorite actors. When will I see you again in a new movie? PEACE

  28. I’ve always thought of him as a great actor.I can’t pick one movie… I have liked all his movies.I am happy he has found someone who will love him, the way he deserves.May they stay happy.Now if people would let them alone…

  29. The movie “The Replacements”
    Is one of my all time favorite movies! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve seen it! I think he is one of the coolest people. Love him!

  30. So true and hopefully if it is love, they will marry and not just “be” together.
    Sounds like he’s a really good person…

  31. I’ve Loved all his movies I don’t know which is my favorite I love them all I thought he was a very good man I just was reading about him it was so sad that he was so alone and I’m grateful that God found him a mate he going enjoy your life you help so many people out in your life it must be God helping you through this if God thinks she she’s the one you and her will be together amen praise the Lord very very proud of this young man for what he did in his life was always good I wish you would have been my son I needed one like that but my son’s my son but he is an excellent wonderful person and I thank God for him everyday thank you for letting me know more about you I never knew anything about your private life I just loved your pictures take care I’m so many one years old and I love you like a son thank you God bless Mary

  32. I am just so elated to hear of his happiness. He seems to be such a wonderful, giving, beautiful person and is deserving of so much joy. I have always loved him and cannot choose just one of his movies! I also love knowing of his publishing company and writing. I now have to find his book. Thank you for sharing this story!

  33. I just Love him Keanu I think he’s the greatest actor so humble I watch all his movies,I would pray for him to find a true love and friend and smile,love, and be happy Alexandra bless you and him he has such a beautiful soul and smile 😊

  34. Keanu Reeves is an amazing actor and an amazing man. He’s humble, he’s kind and he’s an example of how we all should live our lives. It’s tragic all the things that have shaped his life. Most people would probably have been bitter and shut themselves off from others instead of opening up. It serves to show that there are Angels that walk here on Earth every day.
    I’m so happy Keanu has found someone to share his life with.
    Much love and respect always.

  35. I love Keanu Reeves. He is much a beautiful and wonderful person. I am extremely happy for him because “Almighty God” knows his heart and mind. A very humble and kind person. I am so very happy that he has found someone like “Alex” to share his life and happiness with because he honestly he deserves it. May God continue to bless both of them throughout their lives together.

  36. Love his movies “a Walk in the Clouds” was one of my favorites and also the one with Sandra Bullock. I think he is has a good heart inside and good looks on the outside. A very talented young man. Wish there were more like him. God bless and keep you safe and in good health.

  37. I will always care for Keanu Charles Reeves In a way through our lose of love ones and if it is true that Alexandrea Grant makes him Happy then I will have to be Happy for him I want to write a book but don’t know anyone who does that work if you can get any help for me I have a story to tell and it’s all true Facts thanks for sharing all about my Idol Keanu Charles Reeves
    By Laura White

    1. 48 Hour Book company is a great way to get your book published! I published mine from them! They are great! Congrats!!

    2. Hi Laura! I wrote a book, all you do is sit down at your computer and type all your memories as you remember them! Just keep going then edit it later, or get an Editor to help you! I am 88 now and I am so Happy that if finished it years ago! I am also sooo Happy for Mr. Reeves! He is an outstanding wonderful human being!! God Bless him! Good Luck Sweetie!

  38. Love Joy and Happiness is all I have for the One and Only Keanu Charles Reeves I admire his streanth in so many ways he holds it together Happy Valentine’s Dear friend You Are Breath Taking

  39. My heart is full and my eyes are teary reading this story. Everyone deserves to find love and happiness.

  40. Keanu, you are a very well respected man. You are a good example of how a human being should be……humble!
    You are definitely not star struck. You made millions of dollars making movies and you stayed humble. May god bless you always. I will always be your number one fan. I am so happy that you found what you’re looking for (Alex). May you both be happy always.

  41. Lake house but knock knock I hated I can’t think of him as that way.He is one of a kind.His girlfriend is one luck lady.

  42. I am so glad to see Keanu Reeves happy. He is a remarkable caring man. My favorite movies that I watch over and over are Speed and The Replacements.

  43. No favorite I like all keanus movies he is a very special person in real life giving to others and cares for people I also would like to meet him in person one day

  44. May I simply say what a comfort to discover somebody who genuinely knows what they are talking about over the internet. You actually understand how to bring a problem to light and make it important. More people ought to check this out and understand this side of the story. I cant believe you arent more popular because you surely possess the gift.

  45. Heya i am for the first time here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot. I hope to offer something again and help others like you helped me.

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